Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 16:46 I am so so so so so screwed for tomorrow morning. Like beyond ridonculously screwed. Royally stuffed. Egads, geh, dies.
  • 18:01 knows that if lower plants (all 'dem dumb "phytes") appear on tomorrow's exam, her head will explode. Unpleasantly. Noisilly.
  • 20:42 @moebiuscascade Nooo Zoe! If you need someone who's awake, me and Becky are up here, we don't mind sick people. I <3 you. Get well!
  • 20:48 @moebiuscascade Glad you're feeling better! Pity, though, I love being vomited all over. You're really depriving me, woman. D:
  • 20:59 @davegerlits Nooo, not a doubtful Ferry Beach! Get better, get better quick, quick! Do it for me, who is dying of Exams!
  • 21:11 @moebiuscascade Only if you're ill on the exam. Maybe they won't mind not seeing the answers. :P And <3 to you. We will hug lots tomorrow.
  • 21:17 @myowncliche Holy frak that's only completely epic! Go you go you go you! Stephen Colbert! So cool!
  • 21:53 This is me dying. World ending, doom. 1 1/2 exam tomorrow. Must live. Must stay awake for Genes revision after. FML, FML, FML.
  • 21:58 @joyitude Yup, I totally get that. And it's 3 a.m. here, still revising for 9 a.m. exam. Feel like death warmed in a bucket of hot urine.
  • 22:09 No, please, I don't want to be crying. I don't want to be crying right now, body. =( Please don't make me cry.
  • 22:52 Nothing more to read online. Time to read through notes in bed and take a short nap. If I can manage it. I let Hayley down, sigh.
  • 02:16 @moebiuscascade Zoe, I'm so fucked too. =[ Can't we just hot for two hours rather than take stupid exams?
  • 02:17 I want to curl up and cry for hours, not take an exam I'm ill-prepared for. Notes stink, lectures stink, handouts pointless. I'm gonna die.
  • 02:39 Haley is so comforting. Thank goodness for friends. Wouldn't make it without them. Get by with a little help from my friends, yup yup!
  • 03:01 @moebiuscascade I'm sleeping through lunch today. Then up for more revision for tomorrow. We will cope. Somehow. But there will be death.
  • 03:02 Alright. I made 25 cards with stuff to remember; read through all lectures and powerpoints; all notes; all handouts. Still not prepared.
  • 03:03 And that said, off to breakfast now anyway. At least this will be over in two and a half hours.
  • 06:18 I survived thanks to how well Watsonii taught botany junior year. Talked about shoots and roots, and then fruits! (No, actually flowers.)
  • 09:41 @moebiuscascade Listening to Dresden Dolls makes everything better. Even exams. Somehow. ('cause that's like...impossible.) @amandapalmer
  • 09:42 @moebiuscascade I would love you if you wore a sequin dress. And you would be touched a lot. Probably by me. Thanks for post-exam hug! <3
  • 09:46 @moebiuscascade You be a genius, dear! :D Alright, done with the nap, time to revise genetics with Hayley. Spontaneous cell death now, 'kay?
  • 11:04 @moebiuscascade Get Who Killed Amanda Palmer! I'm dying to listen to her single album. :D I can't buy 'til summer, probs. Brokeness.
  • 11:05 @moebiuscascade You will be a flamboyant version of Dorothy. I will paint myself green. And be algae. Cough, I mean Elphaba. We will rock.
  • 12:19 @moebiuscascade OMFG YOU HAVE WHO KILLED AMANDA PALMER?! When I am not dying of examitis, we are listening to it together!
  • 12:19 @joyitude Awwwr, thanks! Exam death has commenced again but at least it'll be over for a little while tomorrow at 3.30. Weekend, yay.
  • 14:56 @moebiuscascade Mesa tired too. D: And back to revision. I remembered what a peptide bond was. Sort of.
  • 15:40 @zapthatmonster Same. I will somehow drill transduction, translation, transcription, trans-bob's-your-uncle, recombinance into my head. </3.
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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