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Masculine Voice

I recorded a reading of Desiderata with my hoarse, terribly awkward voice. Botched "universe" and said "consider" instead of "conceive," but I like it anyway. It's so peaceful to read. I think I'll play it occasionally when I get stressed.

Working through nematodes. I'm still frakked, but I'm feeling OK at the Present, and that's sorta all I have, so, y'know...shrugs shoulders and smiles.

Wish I could get a copy of the poem to the Cavinator but I don't want to bother her with another email 'cause I think they hurt her, and she's never sure what to do with them, but she seems to be in the sort of place where the poem would help her out. But I'm sure she's read it before. Dunno. But I'm MENTALLY sending it to her, so maybe on some level of existence she's receiving it. Who knows, right?

(I don't think the nematodes know. But I'ma gonna ask 'em!)

I wrote, "This too will pass. Accept uncertainty. What will be will be. Here and Now; be Here Now. Breathe, and be Aware." on my nematodes notes at some point, whenever the lecture was. Awwr, go few-months-younger me. =P
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