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Stuff like this makes me happy.

Pip says:
ah, but you're crazy enough for everyone sweetie! =P
Kiwi Littleoak says:
Well. That's certainly not debatable. Chuckles.
Pip says:
but thats why we love you so much, you know that

[11:20 PM] Gerri S: it will make you happy
[11:20 PM] Gerri S: and fullfilled
[11:20 PM] Kiwi S: Like Sheryl Crow. [[Apparently Sheryl Crow fulfils me.]]

It is bad when revising a subject makes me loopy enough to write an acrostic about it.

Boring marine inhabitants intent upon
Annihilating economic ocean trails of
Runners of human invention.
No one looks to the whale’s response,
And instead gripes on of lost profits.
Copper lining to an ocean declining;
Less females to male-converted combustion.
Even exploitation makes no

(Translation: boring creatures of the ocean that lessen human profit of sea-fair trade. Other natural things have to deal with it too, but we don't care much, we care that we're losing profit. Although also more fuel, which is bad news. Add copper lining and other poisonous things to boats, like TBT tributyl tin or something of the like that inosexed female whelks to grow penises and vas deferens, which grew over their vulva so they couldn't release their egg sacs and they exploded. So an attempt to get rid of ship-side barnacles masculated sea-creatures to the point of feminine explosion. And I think the last two lines make the most sense. After studying this set of Exploiters and Exploited examples for a long while, I have come to that conclusion that exploitation is surprising and predictable at the same time, which doesn't make any sense, but makes perfect sense. Like a lot of ecology seems to. So yes. There is a poem about barnacles and female-to-male exploding whelks.)
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