Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

I was supposed to get revision done today.

The fact that I didn't is a big failure.

I hit another down period. I hate them.

I hate that exam time/stress time means rollercoaster!life. What happened to balance?

I've started praying. Which is weird, because I'm not convinced I'm praying TO anything, or that it does anything, or even why I'm doing it. But it feels good to talk out loud before I go to sleep, I guess. Like writing a journal entry into the air.

I think I would go insane without my ukulele and my voice.

I really hope I don't fail any of my exams, yet the fear doesn't always motivate me to revise. [Please don't try to assure me I CAN'T fail any of my exams: this is English school, it is very, very possible--and they are worth loads. English school is all on the end-of-year exam love train.]

Some days I just want to stay in researching, writing songs, going for forest walks, singing and playing, writing and working for world peace/environmental activism/equality/liberty/rights/end to world hunger and the lot of it.

And by "some days" I pretty much mean "all."
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