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Today, today.

The field trip was slightly boring. Cried as I walked to Agriculture, picked up Red Kite report, 72 but wasn't happy reading comments. Cheered up on the bus as I revised for New Forest. Tried to think of acrostics for "Pasture, Mast, Sheep, Marl/Turbary, Fuelwood" and ended up with "People Make Sex Mainly Through Fingers." As soon as I mentioned this, laughing, none of my other friends forgot either. So hey, extreme revision techniques can work!

We inspected wildflowers on the chalk grassland. It would have been more...enthusiastically received were it not exhausted revision time. I got followed by a sheep and got to pet him on the head. That made me happy.

Bus time more revision. Came back, had to buy lunch because I was that hungry, bought a Cadbury egg for when I was done with both tests.

Went upstairs and took plant ID test. Wasn't sure of some of them but thought I did well. Came back down with the friends and we complained about life. Upstairs, I got most of it right! Took the New Forest test. 29 questions and he put the percentages in! Evil instructor. He told us he wouldn't. We had to correct each other's papers. Thank goodness Natascha got mine and not an Agric kid. Still, that miffed me.

I did well on that too. So 17/20 (85, A+!) on my Plant ID test. 37/42 (88, A+!) on my New Forest test, worth respectively 6% and 11%. 72 (A!) on my Red Kites, also worth 6%. Felt a lot more confident about everything as I left.

Came back and got the Mammals poster grade through email. 83, another A+! So that was very happy-making. Finding out that that basically the only exams I really NEED to pass to pass the course are the ones that I will find really hard. It's annoying, too, because I've always done well in them until now too--it's just that the exams are worth so much. Shakes fist.

Ate tea with friends. I've also done the stupid thing of sitting up here with my uke instead of revising. So now I've got some badly-recorded songs of me singing with uke, with the annoying beepy sound my computer keeps recording!

Regular caution: I am not a singer. I do not pretend to be a singer, I've never had training. I know the ordinary comments--you have a Head Voice, you don't Breathe, blah blah. I get it, laughter, I do. And I'm still not a singer. I'm also new to uke, so, no shocker, I make mistakes--usually I just start smiling and chuckling a little as I sing. My comfort level goes in and out and it's usually easy to tell where my voice is more comfortable, where the tremble (that I can't ditch) is more natural, etc. I like recording songs even when they're not perfect. But there we go!

Also, two episodes of Grey's tonight! I'll get to see those tomorrow probably after some hard revision and the Genetics revision sesh!
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