Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 16:36 I would be doomed revising this lecture if I hadn't actually gone. It's all pictures! Hate that. Will be doomed for The Living Cell.
  • 16:37 Sometimes it feels as though I'm studying to be a doctor and not an ecologist. =/ I'm more of a tree girl, to be honest!
  • 16:39 @shondarhimes The idea of the ep. release, despite that I can't watch it, is getting me through revision and a sunglass-shaped sunburn.
  • 18:03 Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose. (That'd be how I feel right about now!)
  • 18:20 @joyitude I just read that as "I love humans, especially vegetable humans. Om nom nom." and got very confused. I artichoke human!
  • 18:30 "The thorn is the mother of the oak." I love the quotes I wrote down around notes. I also miss writing. Can't wait 'til I get to write again
  • 18:37 @thinkingxbeing I need to start watching that show! I am also too obsessed with grades. It's unhealthy for me. =[ And hurts ouch ouch.
  • 19:07 @joyitude I'm now thinking of humans and hummus combined sexually. That is a weird combination. I'm thinking celery removal and nom.
  • 19:17 Oh, and I got an 85 on my Exploiters test. An A+! Go me! And a 72 on my Red Kites report! An A! Yay yay, coursework good grades!
  • 04:14 Agh. Awake but still feel so tired. Stress sleep is not restful! Field trip today with a two-part test, frak. Then back for more revision.
  • 11:45 @createsunspots Are you sicky sick or sick-of-stuff sick? Or both? Because both is the worst.
  • 12:38 Yesss! Marks: 72 Red Kite (6% module), 85 Plant ID (6%), 88 New Forest (11%), 83 Mammal Poster (30%). 3 A+s and an A! Yaaaay, frak yes! <3
  • 12:45 For my Mammals exam I need 21 points on my exam to pass, 64 to get a First, 50 for a 2-1 and 35 for a 2-2. I can do this, somehow.
  • 12:49 For E&E exam: 25 pts. to pass, 69 for a first, 54 for a 2-1 and 40 for a 2-2. Plant too lazy to figure out, no scores online.
  • 12:58 Eww. For G&C and Living Hell I basically HAVE to pass the exams to pass the modules. And they'll be hardest tests. FML.
  • 15:06 @moebiuscascade What Christian non-evolution-believing girl is this? Slapping is a bad idea. D: Though it's tempting.
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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