Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Not Dead

Revision 1: Good, worked on Sargasso Sea. Took too long.
Revision 2: A bit discouraged at how long the first took, but after a nap I did alright with sugar cane.
Revision 3: Very discouraged with how long revision was taking me, but got through yeasts pretty well.
Revision 4: Feeling a bit better, I'm getting better at going through the lectures and feeling I really understand them when I'm done, even if I'm not getting loads of extra reading done.

4/19 done for Exploiters then. Even if it wasn't the most productive day, I'm learning how to do this. Not feeling QUITE as screwed. Understanding how to timetable for next year even though it's too late for this year.

Tomorrow: Shower; drop off ecology booklet (last piece of coursework for the year!); pick up Exploiters Test marks; Genes and Chromosomes revision sesh 12-1 in Chem; Living Faith gathering 1-2 Chapliancy; more revision.

(I know the world isn't actually ending. Sometimes it's hard to feel like it isn't, though! Even though most adults around me did make it through! Still stressful.)
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