Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 16:52 We are apparently watching Chronicles of Riddick (sp). But not Pitch Black first! Blasphemy! Gathering.
  • 18:50 @moebiuscascade I do not blame you for twitting such a thing. I think Batgirl's boytoy Pirate got it too. Hope I don't get a stomach bug!
  • 04:44 My first tweet was “I wonder if this will make my work life, in hindsight, more bearable.” It sort of did, actually. A little bit.
  • 04:47 I am still so tired. Went to bed at a good time. Woke up again early due to construction and people. Sleeping again hard. Frak this, yawn.
  • 07:13 I just mistook a video of a crowd clapping as a collection of microbes under a microscope. I have been doing too much science this year!
  • 08:35 Lunch is done now. Working to hold the tears at bay, Cat Stevens whispering in my ear, I feel alright alright alright. Back to Sargasso Sea.
  • 08:54 Cat Stevens playlist finally finished. Let's see if Kate Voegele can keep me from tears too. Hopefully almost done with Sargasso.
  • 09:07 I love how eel preparing to mate are "eel in nuptial dress." Picturing wedding dresses! Laughter. And then they possibly DIE. Nature, wow.
  • 10:47 Good gods it is winding up a storm at Windsor. Shrieking winds. Awake from my little nap, back to revision. Still going to die.
  • 12:04 @amandapalmer Thank you for explaining in one tweet what I couldn't ever understand, about love and music and writing. Makes SENSE now!
  • 12:15 It has been decided. Somehow, I wouldn't get through my revision without folk music. Or coursework without angsty, broody music. Muusak love
  • 13:34 Tea is done, I'm back to revision. Endless endless, rolling on and on. Through Peter, Paul & Mary and on to Buffy St. Marie..
  • 13:59 @Burningeden I agree. Perhaps THAT'S why I'm on a total old folk music stint right now. I just can't get enough.
  • 14:00 The exploiters tests are marked. They're at the teaching office. Get tomorrow? Nerves, nerves. Hope I did well. Less exam pressure.
  • 14:11 Batgirl fails at talking to me sometimes. Guilting me about panic? So does not work. Kind of makes me sick and...panicky. So. Back to work.
  • 14:44 Oops. I can tell I'm stressed. Becky just came in to apologise and then apologise for apologising, and I snapped for her to stop apologising
  • 14:51 Time for my short break and a little nap. I am so screwed. Why the frak did I do this to myself? Little cry break, too. The world is ending.
  • 15:44 @snoopy874 Snoopy I'm dying. =[. I miss you and people and feeling not afraid. Can't this be over now?
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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