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I finally finished!

I finally finished my teacher erotica story. It turned out more story that I had originally planned, but I still like it. There's the possibility of continuing it. Who knows, it could turn out to be another novel. I never know.

I had one of my writer's trances. The ones where I turn on the JupeSun album, stop looking at the clock, and focus on writing. When I re-joined the world again my story was done, it was 10:40 (almost an hour later), and the album was just ending. I'm quite pleased.

It's in my parchment journal, which is smart_ash_wit.

Incase you didn't get that, smart_ash_wit

Mmm. But if you don't like lesbian erotica, I'd skip that entry and move on to another.

Senior youth was a blast.

School tomorrow.

Late night.

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