Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 16:52 Decided not to go out. Also found ironic that the year I get more into lj with icons and moods, my bestie pretty much leaves it. Sadness.
  • 18:43 RT @thinkingxbeing: J is hilarious: "I said if Obama was elected president, pigs would fly, so I guess it's about time for SWINE FLEW!" Lulz
  • 18:44 Also, Jujubean just threw a hissy fit at me and Harhar for practical joking. Oops. She must have had a stressed day. Hides, good gods.
  • 20:35 @moebiuscascade Wow. We never have a queue to take a shower. I love showering at night anyway though. =P
  • 20:35 Becky just came in here to exclaim over being heartbroken and a terrible person. She's very dramatic but really having a hard time. Sad.
  • 21:30 I hate the E chord. So much. Why do people have to like it? D: But yay for having lots of songs to learn through my lifetime.
  • 04:07 @thinkingxbeing Yay for making things. I'm waiting for finals to be over (uhm, another month) for more uke songs and writing and art.
  • 04:08 @zapthatmonster I need to re-read Harry Potter over the summer too. We should make it a project together! =]
  • 04:09 Knackered (again) but awake. Some time to get ready for church. Weird feeling. Haven't had this in a while. Will see how it goes.
  • 15:26 @amandapalmer You are my shero for all this. The play and the cover on high school steps, and you, and just...all of it, so much. Thank you.
  • 15:29 If I were famous, I STILL couldn't be arsed to put on concealer. Spots are part of my frakking face. And if they want to breathe, so be it!
  • 15:39 Hey Kiwi. Hey Kiwiwiwi. You know what twitter ISN'T? Your revision. Don't smex Twitter, smex your revision. You'll get them both done.
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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