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03 May 2009 @ 01:44 am
Friday was euphoric post-all-nighter bliss. Pip gave me a holey stone because she's been watching my FB updates and saw that I haven't been sleeping well, and she gave it to her children when they were having nightmare troubles, then it went missing for a while and when she was thinking about me she noticed it on one of the teddies in her office. So she gave it to me. I nearly cried. Hugged her very tight.

Last night I watched American Beauty with the gang. Adored the movie. To bed around midnight, zonked out until around noon today.

Hung 'round. Didn't get the work or revision I should have done. Organised some stuff. Calculator ran out of batteries.

Solitary. Shower. Got ready but was too tired/uninterested in going out. What I really want is a group of queer friends. Not going to get that easiest by going out alone. Will have to hook up with the LGBT society and make friends through that, I guess.

Watched Britain's Got Talent with the gang. Separated. Noodles for tea.

Tonight Harhar and Matt were doing pushups in the corridor. I brought out my ukulele after memorising three songs. I started playing Hallelujah while they were doing the press-ups and when they were done we all sang it together, and it was so beautiful. Just...so beautiful. Then Sound of Silence with Matt and Harry listened.

It was so perfect. What I've been looking for. I love that I'm getting good enough to be able to do that sort of thing. It's so beautiful to me. It feels so right.

I've packed my bag. Tomorrow, provided my alarm wakes up and my will doesn't leave me, I'm walking into town for the Quaker service.

Also called the UU fellowship. They meet second Sundays of the month. Will go next week.
Current Mood: tiredTired.
gerristgerrist on May 3rd, 2009 06:08 pm (UTC)
I sure hope your next post is about the Quaker meeting and what inspired you to speak!!

XO Mom