Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 16:48 @createsunspots Eeeeiii Diva Cup! I hope you like it! Don't feel discouraged at first; when you get it right, it can be so amazing.
  • 17:34 @moebiuscascade I miss you! You're all the way downstairs! I am suffering of a report upstairs. It is not so fun. Your knitting looks fab!
  • 17:46 Apparently red kites have lotsa sex for bonding and mate assessment. Or sperm comp. But probs. the first two. Go you raptors you! Sex it up!
  • 17:55 @moebiuscascade Ewww assignment. Mine's 1500 tomorrow at 4, lecture 9-some time. No real written words yet, just research. FML.
  • 17:57 Love that I could have a job "observing avian copulation," just sitting around with binoculars watching birds smex each other up! Science.
  • 20:24 @moebiuscascade Mary just came back in and is working on the same thing. I've done practically nothing. Fail.
  • 20:31 @moebiuscascade Haha, we'll make it through. And then it will be the weekend. I'm thinking of (gasp) actually going out Sat. Gay dancing!
  • 20:35 @moebiuscascade I actually didn't have plans to go dancing with anyone. Although I suppose whoever wants to go out and see gays Sat night.
  • 20:39 @moebiuscascade I tend to break off from groups when I go with them. Plus I'd like to make some new friends. Hard with a group, haha.
  • 20:41 Also Grey's is on tonight. That's good news. Something to look forward to for tomorrow, when this report is off my chest.
  • 20:41 @moebiuscascade Hahaha, my friends and I had jokes like that when we did bird watching. I was The Gay to see! Also the "Little Spotted Kiwi"
  • 20:43 @moebiuscascade I am so in the same position right now. I should not be working in bed but I am. It's warm and nice and comfortable.
  • 20:55 @moebiuscascade that is so true. If this were a regular evening I'd be really awake. But because I'm working, I'm knackered! Bad life!
  • 21:00 @moebiuscascade - She has a personal vendetta against leggings! And I say both work.
  • 21:09 Thank gods for not being the only one awake. Mary's working, Andrea's watching sexy time tv. We've got doors open chatting. This is uni.
  • 22:08 It is disappointing that the reason I'm not watching Grey's is because I'm in England pulling a most- or all-nighter about raptor birds.
  • 22:13 I've had some chocolate now so hopefully that will help. Apps. Grey's was reasonable. Gone through sources. Referencing and writing.
  • 22:31 @moebiuscascade How are you doing? I'm making up my reference list, see how many words it potentially knocks off. (Blessing and curse.)
  • 22:33 @moebiuscascade Spongebob, seriously? Haha, the joys of being a uni student dork. =P You get to sleep soon. Go you!
  • 23:02 @moebiuscascade Awwr, have fun sleeping. I've got hours yet, I think. But I'll do it. Last course-work all-nighter of fresher year for me!
  • 00:17 Break/nap over. Sun beginning to rise. Bats heading back home. Feeling a bit refreshed. Can do this, last one for a long while!
  • 00:27 @thinkingxbeing I agree with the soothing HTML coding. Glad you're feeling soothed! I'm hiding under my report.
  • 00:58 I don't know where most of this information goes. Hate scientific subtitling. This is gonna stink. =P Uhoh.
  • 02:18 I hit the 1000 word mark, with some references on the list that will be taken off. But I'm getting somewhere. Can't wait for afternoon.
  • 04:09 I finished literally 15 seconds before my alarm went off. Win of all wins, hallelujah, course work for the year pretty much done!
  • 04:10 Do I really have to get dressed now? =/ Also, the Grey's Crew should have a bathing suit carwash to raise money for Callie. HighSchool style
  • 07:54 @moebiuscascade Yaaaay finishing the assignment! I finished 15 seconds (literally) before my alarm went off. I'm at least glad it's done.
  • 07:55 is the person she wants to be today, and that feels absolutely fantabulous!
  • 08:00 I found my access card. This is very good. Means I can go get my parcel and food without being harassed by anyone! (Least about that.)
  • 10:17 @thinkingxbeing Eww 4 hours of sleep and frozen waffles. Finals, icky! I vote personal dance break! I'd join but no sleep last night, zzz.
  • 11:22 Yay time for Grey's and Stella and cleaning and relaxing and everything being good. Nummy nummy Friday afternoon's, nummy scrumboes<3.
  • 11:43 @createsunspots I am so incredibly happy to hear that! Yaaaay Diva Cups. Love love love. They make things so much better. Joy.
  • 12:09 It was good. Not wonderful good, but good. Excited for the next episode. Will probably put on a film now as I finish cleaning and do whatevs
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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