Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 18:01 In Sass' room with the gang watching What Lies Beneath. Haven't seen since age 11. Don't remember at all. Working too! Yay.
  • 19:09 Batgirl told me today that my American voice sounds like Twiligt's Bella. Headwall, seriously. Travesty! Sound like a happy hippie!
  • 19:35 I've got some good journals papers to go through tomorrow, I think. After ecology. May head to sleep early. Whoa.
  • 07:36 @thinkingxbeing Go you for being almost done!! :D I wish life would let us chill out for seconds. I would totally love and appreciate that.
  • 07:37 @Burningeden Ahhahhah that is so good. Yes, can I divorce my life to? Wait, no, separation. Need a break. I'll come back when we've settled.
  • 07:38 @moebiuscascade No, that's not fair! You have an exam! People shouldn't be allowed to make lots of noise and wake you up! Idiots.
  • 07:39 Finished up with ecology. Have to go back and finish my graphs, no bug dwak/big deal. At counselling to book appointment. Eeps?
  • 09:03 Put in my paperwork. Have a student advisory appointment at 3.30. Off to register with a GP before that, then back here. Egads. Busy.
  • 10:20 I just added a Grey's Erica/Mark story to a new memory section "Grey's Het Shudder." The writing is good. I'll see if I can stomach it.
  • 10:25 My leg hurts. It did not enjoy the walking around today. Tomorrow is a day or walking around. Frak, that's not going to be fun.
  • 12:35 @moebiuscascade Yaaaay for exam being over!
  • 12:36 I've just realised I'm pretty much the only fully single person in my extended group of close friends at uni and my bestie. This stinks.
  • 15:45 I am so tired. Sleeping in stressed times so does not work well. The others are down at the bar. I'm about to work on my red kite report.
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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