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Writer's Block: Looking Back

LiveJournal is turning 10 and we're feeling nostalgic. What was your first LJ post about?

Another Boring Day in the Life of Me... [Dec. 29th, 2003|12:31 am]

Today started out quite boringly. I woke up at noon because I had stayed up late last night…very late. Just like every vacation night. Woke up, and got on the computer. I was offered breakfast but first, it wasn’t breakfast, and two, I don’t eat breakfast anyway. Went online and did some stuff, I soon got bored and started wishing Lita would get on. After a long while she did get on and we chatted. I then went downstairs to watch my brother and his friends play video games while I ate.

When I got downstairs I made a butter, creamcheese, turkey, avacado, lime, salt, and pepper bagel. I love those for some odd reason. Took it into the playroom and watched the boys play. I finished up and they actually beat the game. Sam’s mom came and picked him up. (Sam being my brother’s best friend) I went back upstairs for a while and chatted with Litan but unfortunately my parents called me down to watch a movie. We watched Freaky Friday. It was a cute movie, though I can’t imaging having to kiss my dad x.x After that, guess what I did. Duh, I came back upstairs and started chatting.

Actually, I did more than that. I decided my backgrounds were absolutely horrible so I decided to practice. This is what I came out with, I really like it actually:

I thought it was a cute little scene. Litan seemed to like it ^_^ That’s always a plus. After doing that I read Litan’s Live Journal entry and felt horrible because I felt jealous. I really wish I could just rip the part of my heart/brain that makes me jealous. Being a jealous person just doesn’t go with the rest of my personality! After that she looked at mine but there were no entries. I knew that had to change so I wrote this.


So that's my first ever entry. I was 13 and out! Go me. Plus, that's still my favourite meal. And I still stay up too late on vacation nights. I still go online way too much. Still enjoy art. Thankfully got over Litan/Sonia! My brother is still addicted to video games.

Laughter. Things stay the same, things change.
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