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And the icon meme again from grey_gazania, because I love talking about my icons.

1. Reply to this post, and I will pick six of your icons. (Give me the heads up if you want to take part.)
2. Make a post and talk about the icons I chose, with the info if you want others to do it.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee (if you want it to be).

My default I made of a crocus growing up through the snow. My screen name "cranky crocus" indirectly comes from Tamora Pierce's Emelan books--mainly Circle of Magic. Rosethorn is the character I have always adored and felt connected to. She is a fairly cranky character--in a funny, endearing way--and her favourite flower is the crocus. At the time I was quite a cranky character (okay, I still am) and at the time I was just getting more into plants. The crocus has always held a dear place in my heart for the fact that it's one of the first flowers to announce the arrival of spring, climbing up even through the snow. It's a main connecting piece between winter and spring--winter my favourite heart season, spring my favourite body season.

Took this one from eye_knead_icons because I adore it. I love that it's so Harry Potter fandom oriented it actually includes one of the spells in a witty fashion. How often do I sit there wishing I could summon my brain? Uhm, a LOT. So it's my general ditzy/confused/embarrassed icon. I have a not-so-secret love for Trelawny, probably because of Emma Thompson.

This is Zoë Lewis, one of my favourite musical artists. She was born and raised in Rottingdean near Brighton on the south coast and now lives in P-Town US. So we've swapped a bit, laughter! Her band is called "The Rubber Band" and they are completely original, playing all sorts of sounds. I saw Zoë live with my friend Pashi over senior year summer, when I missed the first train and arrived so late they let me in free--so I bought the CD. I am so glad. I had her sign it and when I went up I asked, "What three things would you suggest to someone going to uni in England?" She was delighted. She told me to drink lots of tea, eat lots of Indian, talk about the weather, say "lovely" a lot and visit her hometown Rottingdean (I will at some point, I swear!). Got more than what I asked for! She signed my CD, "Have fun in the land of tea!" I completely adore her music--it can be uplifting and silly, or thoughtful and make good points, or poignant, current events to love to silly nonsense...I just love it. She's so me!

I love Janis Joplin. I needed a Janis icon, so I made one. I love her music. I love that she wanted freedom, and I love the contrast that she was always searching for freedom yet her addictions often overcame her (acceptance to a degree, from childhood; drugs). Of course I would have preferred the later hadn't consumed her but it was part of the times. It was her type of freedom. My personal freedom is straightedge, but I have my own addictions that produce heightened life quality but can sometimes be detrimental--writing fanfic instead of my uni reports, for instance. All different levels. Regardless, totally lovin' on the Janis, passed down from my Mum! (Who also has a Janis icon, 'cause I put it there. :D)

I also needed a Rachel Carson icon because she's one of my biggest role model. It's funny because I found her AFTER I had made all these decisions, yet they were things she faced in her life as well. Her English/Literature vs. Science always struck home with me because I chose ecology over creative writing/literature, as she chose biology over writing/literature. She wrote stories and poems--published in the school paper and the lot. She was such a huge part of the Environmental Movement--one of the first acknowledged environmentalists for it. She put herself through heck to get Silent Spring written and stand before the supreme council. Even through failing health as she died of breast cancer. There are also no reports of any male lovers, and the way she writes of Dorothy Freeman suggests romance of some unique type. It is my belief Rachel was gently lesbian, not forcing it on anyone or having it be a primary part of her life, just another factor in the unique blend of Rachel Carson. She was a bit of a trickster, too, which delights me. Witty and eloquent. Friendly but not always warm. Nocturnal. Writer. Female making her way through a male world. Fiercely admired mentors and fit well with them, having them really change her life. I just love Rachel!

Taken from aswefly_graphix just as a supportive icon. When I use it I think of my Unitarian Universalist congregation's "Candles of Joy and Concern." Lighting candles in front of the congregation to share something that has provided any sort of emotion we wish to share. Usually I'll use it for supporting friends when I'm thinking of giving hugs and the like, or signifying, "I will remember and keep that person/situation/whatever on my mind and in my heart."

There we go! That was mighty long!
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