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Fuck you, Amazon.

Homosexuality is not only about sex, just like heterosexuality is not despite that it has "sex" in it just the same. The key difference being heterosexual books don't need LABELLED as such because they're the MAJORITY. We have to search specifically for our books--adult and romantic or no--because by comparison there are so few, and they need to be labelled to be found.

If you adjusted your sale technique and search for the heterosexual books as well, you would be selling next to nothing.

Perhaps children's books. Although, gasp, those have a Mummy and a Daddy or Two Mummies or Two Daddies! Which hints at sex, provided the poor Mommies are not suffering Lesbian Bed Death (joke). So the ones with single parents would work, right, given there would be no sex? Unless the parent was dating. Then no no no bad!

We're not sex fiends just because we're GLBTQ. We have books without sex that don't need to be treated like adult books, when even censuring those makes me raise an eyebrow and glare. Discriminate against us equally so we can hate and boycott you just for that. This extra rage is bad for our health and aura.

Fuck you, Amazon.

We should sick the Angry Bears and Butch Dykes on Bikes at you, wielding rainbow swords to smite your website.
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