Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 18:22 I am back from Cambridge happy, tired and slightly raw in the legs.
  • 20:21 I was going to try to be asleep by midnight and then there was emotion and then the urge to email Watsonii. So sleep soon instead.
  • 21:37 I hijacked Mum's livejournal to make it pretty and have icons. Also, my new iPod music?! EPIC WIN!!! I love it so much!
  • 08:39 I am eating cereal bars for late brekky. I seem to have suddenly grown an appreciation for raisins after not liking them for years.
  • 08:49 I think of the Cavinator every time Joan Baez comes on and it makes me smile, because she never actually mentioned Joan but I'm reminded.
  • 10:00 I was voting in AfterEllen's Top 100 hottest women and Top 10 over 40. And could only do the second one. Think I like older woms too much!
  • 10:14 I should have more shoulder-free shirts. I think I look good in things that show all of my shoulders/collarbones.
  • 11:24 Ahhhh uni email changed! Will have to get used to this later. Blech. Before then, SHOWER. I need to be human again! Erglack!
  • 11:26 A blackbird keeps landing on the roof outside the window and staring in at me. I'm going to consider it my new friend. It sings to me.
  • 11:45 I wish I had my iGasm with me. Why did I decide to leave it at uni? Oh, thought I would have no privacy. Uncle frequently not here. Drats!
  • 13:01 @moebiuscascade Gods, I'm excited and dreading that. =[. Work to do first. Tummy looks up at me in fear...
  • 14:28 It so, so so makes sense that my favourite movie is a black comedy. My life makes perfect sense in its nonsensicality.
  • 15:09 Goodnight, Jesus. May your rest be peaceful, long and uninterupted. Close your eyes and slumber on. Remember love and compassion and life.
  • 15:14 According to TVSquad all "non-lesbians" expect lesbians to look like TLW's Shane. Because that's SO accurate. I'm flesh and tits and hair.
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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