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Good good good day!

I woke up and my hair was cooperating so I put off showering to do washing and finish fidgeting with my iPod, getting Jenny Owens Hunt on it. We left at 9. Hour-long drive, a few words shared. He dropped me off by forestofglory's college. I immediately thought I had forgotten my mobile but it was only in a different pocket of my purse and I am a ditz sometimes, grins.

She showed me her room (which is lovely!) and we went off. My adjective of the day was "lovely" because everything was. Cambridge is very neat. Old and windy and fun. Loved the atmosphere. We checked out King's College Chapel and I was very impressed especially with the ceiling. We moved through the Zoology Museum and chuckled at how it seems like revision now. I was impressed with my bird knowledge. We went and bought burritos and nachos (me former, her latter) which were quite nice. Sat and chatted after wolfing down our food.

My order of the day probably isn't very accurate. I don't think in chronological order. We went to the botanical gardens and walked around. The Magnolia x soulangeana reminded me of Watsonii so I talked about her a lot, probably because she's close to my heart. forestofglory and I plant-geeked a lot, inspected trees and flowers and the lot. Sat by the fountain before that.

We headed over to the Science Museum we had missed before because it was closed. We sat on the comfortable couch and people-watched. We were amused and delighted with one young boy who had an adorable Mohawk and by another older boy who was enthralled with the human physiology doll that comes apart. We moved on to check out the market place, which was nice but closing up, and headed over to Starbucks. She bought a hot chocolate and I picked up a marshmallow-bite-thing. We sat chatting for a good while. I couldn't really help it and had to spill some of my thoughts just to get them out of my head--silly life anxieties/worries about the future, immediate and later. I cheered up pretty quickly after that. (I do detest days when the future!fear overwhelms me while others are around. I wondered what was causing it.)

We headed over to the Rainbow Cafe that we had previously popped into when I was curious. I had a lovely salad with rice and pasta and vegan salad dressing and hot sauce (because I'm a weirdo). Tap water. We shared vegan peppermint chocolate cheesecake that I really enjoyed. We sat around a bit and then moved on. The cashier man complimented my rainbow dogtag necklace a lot and was surprised when I sad I got it from the Boston (MA) Gay Pride. He liked it regardless.

Walked back to her room. Called Malcolm and he was on his way to Cambridge to eat with Sue and then pick me up. I didn't want to change his plans--give him a nice date seeing as he had driven to and from Cambridge twice in the day for me. forestofglory revised while I read. She moved on to the computer. We conversed from time to time and it was nice. I was glad to be reading again, too. I haven't done enough reading lately.

I was really knackered. Hugged her goodbye and drove home with Malcolm. Was planning to go to sleep as soon as I had checked online stuff and answered my email, but my thoughts from earlier were triggered and required a bit of a rant. Then I sent an email to Watsonii. Got a wonderful response from Duffie--he loved the poem I sent him.

Loved Cambridge and sights with the river and old buildings.

Also hacked Mum's livejournal and gave her fun icons (Janis, Harold and Maude, Trelawny, Goddess statuette and her favourite Mandarin duck picture) and a pretty layout. That makes me happy.

Looooove my new iPod music. So much epic stuff. I tend to love EVERY song that comes on, even if I'm still getting to know it.

Hopefuls for Tomorrow:
1) Wake up at a reasonable time (understandable if not, really knackered and lots of walking today)
2) Shower (will happen)
3) Possible going into town to buy bottoms or leggings (I am rubbing my legs raw with walking around in only a skirt and I need effective good trousers for ecology work)
4) Buy an Easter Egg given it's my first Easter without direct family
5) Organise practicals / work on Jubilee / OPEN humans packet
6) Upload some writing
7) More washing
8) Play ukulele!
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