Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

I have spent another day being a loser. A slightly-pained, sluggish loser.

I woke up with post. Watched some of the new Grey's episode. I basically tried to make that last as long as possible, watching bits of it as a time as I wrote. I uploaded my first real Grey's fic, an Addica one into erica_leaves. It was confusing and took a long while to accomplish. It was worth it and I got good feedback.

Malcolm left for the day/evening, telling me he'd come back tomorrow. I moved downstairs in the evening. Had the TV on. Had cereal for tea.

Called Kirsty to try to find out where Malcolm kept the extra toilet paper. I found it while on the phone with her and we laughed a lot. She loves the new accent--she thinks it's fitting and natural, that I sound like a real English woman and not an American-turned-Brit. As I hear frequently. Everyone 'round here wants me speaking this way because it sounds right, not fake. No wonder it's clung to me. It's the preferred voice for me here.

Screencaps were uploaded. I made icons out of them and uploaded them to kiwish_beat with a link in callie_arizona. We'll see how that goes over. I'm happy, regardless.

So no work today. Cramps and the like. Not happy body times. Waiting for Divacup to arrive. Was too late in ordering it.

Kirsty's probably going to stop by tomorrow with supplies and herself in general. That makes me happy. I get to see her and Kirsty on Sunday, leave for Sarah's on Monday.

Won't be visiting Cambridge until after Derby. Hopefully Glory will be less stressed with her project then.

Need to get some good work done. I've started Jubilee River. Would like to get a lot of that done out of the way, that would be wonderful for my first week. The seedbank will be annoying. The two practicals I'll be doing at Sarah's. That'll leave the humans packet and revision, extra reading too. I can do this.

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