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This will probably just be a post of some of the stuff I remember. A lot of stuff is in the Twitter updates.

I did an all-nighter Thursday night, not surprisingly. I liked it. I think it produced something reasonable too--the best I can do to write about many topics in 1500 words with references and citations INCLUDED in the wordcount. It's a bit dumb, really.

Juju/Juliette asked me the other day if I was alright. I smiled and said, "Sure, I think." Then she laughed a bit and looked thoughtful. She told me, "That's right. You don't really get down like that, do you? Like the others?" I was confused. She explained that there's nothing I particularly do that's concerning when I've hit a down in my rollercoaster--I don't get drunk and sick, or harm myself, or do really stupid things. Mildly stupid but more in an emo-angst laugh-about-it-later way. She congratulated me, which confused me a bit more. But I was still smiling. It reminded me that I'm really always OK. So she sort of answered her own "Are you OK?" question. I think she gets what I mean now when I say I'm always OK.

Thursday we pulled Duncan's leg a lot. I like having a very human, approachable professor. We tease him for his harsh marking. He teases me too. When we almost got lost in the truck on the way to the field trip (me, Jojo/Jo, Ems/Emma, Ceej/CJ and him) and I was reading he jested, "It's Kiwi's fault." I laughed a lot. The field trip went pretty alright although there wasn't much talk. We did a lot of birdwatching and Jojo and I acted posh with each other, like a tea party with teddy bears.

Friday I didn't end up watching Grey's because the Internet must have zonked some time when I was out and it didn't finish buffering correctly. I got into bed with my book and read a chapter, then zonked. Friends tried to knock on my door for film but I was too beautifully tired to move. I slept through the night with wonderful dreams including Brooke Smith and a slew of other things. Woke at 8 to my alarm telling me to go to non-existent classes and dreampt until 10. Showered, tea'd and Interwebbed, down to dinner with friends.

Now I'm upstairs. Plan for today is to watch Grey's and one episode of Xena, clean my room, work on my Scots Pine presentation and start revising for exploiters.

My tummy did not like today's food.
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