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So. Yes. Everything was saved on Stu's hard drive through dinner, came back up, emailed, eventually got a call, hard drive erased and lappy back to factory condition, took until now re-installing everything and watching L Word for support and because I hate not seeing it.

The downer being I couldn't download Skype for some reason today, but other than that everything seemed to go all-right.

The L Word actually made me cry. For the characters and stuff, yeah, but also because next week is the LAST WEEK.

And it's been around since I was 13. I'm 19 now. So literally all my teenage years. I was introduced officially when I was 14 really, or that's when I got into it.

And from probably 15 until now it's been a really big part in my group of friends. Even though we admitted it was frequently (usually) crap, it was still something we could actually relate to. Because our lives somehow WERE that dramatic. I don't know. I feel bonded to the characters and just the show's existence at all.

The number of L Word sleepovers we've had? Or just random "hey let's watch the L Word!" and great green are we quoting it ALL THE TIME when we're together. It's And with it going away now, it reminds me that I've gone away, we've all gone away, we're not really "us" anymore, 'cause we've all split. Snoopy's at Smith. Amanda's back in RI. I'm in England. Rawley's in MA. Katie's at UMASS (I think...). Jason's back at the Willis'. The rest of us, too.

Eh. It just reminds me I'm not home with my little Queer bubble, and I've got them for breaks and stuff, but I'm being located here more and more.

I still consider Snoopy my bestie, too. Which is funny in a way because I only ever started calling her my "best friend" as a sort of joke because she and Trisha used to call each other best friends yet hardly ever see each other, and I was at her house pretty much every day. So we were jokingly Best Friends (BFFs) and then wifeys and she was my "boyfriend" but I stuck with best friend/bestie the whole time. But she is, to me. And it would never matter to me if it wasn't reciprocated. Heh, I've known her as long as I've known the L Word, actually. The half-decade anniversary of us getting close (my giving her a nickname) comes up on the 24th. Weird shite, man.

So yeah, I feel close to my housemates. They're all great. But I still miss my Queer Bubble and my bestie/wifey a lot. I don't feel homesick because it's not as though I want to go BACK or have those exact people here... I guess I want a Queer Bubble here to. So I'm sort of working to do that.

But it'll be interesting to see my friendship with Snoopy through the next half-decade. I certainly hope we DO see one, and I think we will.

It's all a bit surprising. And the thing I don't understand is how it's all connected to the L Word, or how the L Word is connected to all of it...but it so is somehow. And the L Word ends next week. Huh. Life.

(I also didn't get as much work as I wanted to done with all of this, obviously. Maybe I'll prod at my poster before I go to sleep.)
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