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Lecture was boring/interesting/uninteresting/funny/strange all at once. Lecturer had us guess one term by playing HANGMAN. Seriously.

Practical? Fun. Worked with Pip. Had the maths down, but of course it was easy. Just proportions and working with blocks for populations.

Then we got to practice scruffing mice. It reminded me of Mimachi. I loved being around them. I tried to great them by breathing and getting united with the universe and thinking, "Hello, Sibling, please be calm, we mean no harm." I felt a bit silly afterward but it seemed to work. They were very calm and normal around me, while other mice tended to dive for the corners and stuff their faces in the edges or scurry around ceaselessly. My scruffing was alright--good positioning, but I always let it slip to the side each time before I lifted the mouse up. They were wild captured mice and didn't seem to enjoy the activities very much.

Later I was speaking with Pip and Adorable Becky from ecology. Becky said if we wanted to give the trapping and handling a shot again when we were the only ones to touch the mice, she would be totally willing to take us out and help us use the traps. The mice we were handling had been handled a few times already.

So now I have Becky's email address for when we want to try out surveying with her! Win.
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