Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Grey's Rant

How do they DO that? How does this show take a character I like and in one episode make her an annoying Twit?

Spoilers. Yeah whatever. If you haven't seen Grey's Anatomy episode 16 season 5, don't read on. (But you're probably sensible and didn't watch the episode because you don't watch the show.)

For the past two weeks, for the show, I wanted Callie/Arizona screen time. Last week we got a cute scene with Callie expressing her new crush to Addison. I enjoyed the scene.

And then this week. Callie asks Arizona out. Fine, good. Makes a mention of the kiss-in-the-bar being the second surprise woman kiss. Arizona facefall. OK, fine, it can be a tiny bit of a downer to have thoughts about a woman being solidly lesbian turn out to be a new hatchling. But very surmountable. Then the ask out. Aaaand a flattered no. Sure, that happens, alright, people say no to dates. But the way Arizona did it? SO not in the realm of her character! I can understand not wanting to date the new and confused lesbian, maybe, if she's looking for a smooth-sailing relationship with a worn-in lesbian...not really my stance, but I have seen other long-out lesbians with the view. It's a common view. "Friend the newbie dyke, don't date." It's at least common if not reasonable. The way Arizona did it, to compare Callie to a newborn? To do it snarkily? "I spend my days around newborns. I don't want to spend my personal life with one" or whatever? That was not Arizona. First of all, mixed messages. If you're interested enough to kiss a stranger in a bar with little knowledge of the history, don't go wheeling full-speed away when it turns out HEY, this girl kissed in the bar may only have a few female kisses! But even if Arizona WASN'T comfortable with that and wanted to go skipping off with an experienced lesbian, I can't see her rejecting Callie the way it was done.

So I'm not really pleased at all. It's another lesbian stereotype. But this is Grey's, right? Home of zomggasp diversity but stereotypes aplenty? Real lesbian comes along and won't date the fledgling.

Eh, at least I've seen it. We'll see what happens next week. I don't want to go to practical. At least I get to read first.
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