Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus


Genes and Chromosomes was really annoying.

My body was luring me with, "sleep, sleep, you'll like sleep..." and at the same time screaming, "YOU NEED TO MOVE LIEK RITE NOW, LULZ!" So I was nodding off and fidgeting everywhere and it was basically the most intensenly annoying hour of my life. About RNA transcription or whatever. Not hard to learn. Apparently these last weeks of the course are just to keep going over the other stuff to learn it better.

I am so not looking forward to practical. Practicals stink when wicked tired. Then I'll bring Melon back to my room so she can meet my brother and we can all be off to Chemistry to have Humans and the Changing World.

I think I'll end up falling asleep in that lecture too. I stink. Thankfully this is all stuff I can go through and read about. Somehow I still think it's better to show up. I do, strangely (it escapes me), seem to learn things regardless. My mind goes in and out of the material.

Blech. I can't wait for some proper sleep some time. It'll be brill.

And now Grey's before practical, so I can have some of my sanity, because my laptop's computer won't play sound and my brother's always on the computer/Internet anyway.
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