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Because I thought it was funny.

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Helst **: rawr!
Cranky Crocus: Mrow.
Helst **: I AM READY!
Helst **: ^-^
Cranky Crocus: ... for sex? For a shower? For some candy?
Helst **: the first one of course
Helst **: thought the candy is pretty tempting too
Cranky Crocus: Candy sex.
Cranky Crocus: Duh.
Helst **: *smacks self* OF COURSE!
Cranky Crocus: Hark hark.
Helst **: here you'll find some funny out of this:
Helst **: Me: I do too have a g/f!
Anton: Who, your hand?
Me: No, no, I broke up with Jacky long ago.
Cranky Crocus: -Cackles.-
Helst **: yesh it was quite evil
Cranky Crocus: I get to watch Wolven
Cranky Crocus: Squee.
Helst **: I'm so bored...
Helst **: I want to...
Cranky Crocus: I'm not booored. I don't get bored anymore.
Helst **: I get to watch bad zombie movies
Cranky Crocus: Sweet!
Helst **: I want to come over and hang out with you...I'd have more fun than I'm having now...
Cranky Crocus: Haha. I could duct tape you to the chair and make you watch Wolven.
Cranky Crocus: I know you want to already, but the duct tape would make it more fun.
Helst **: hmmmm Bondage....with a woman who doesn't even like men...I only see pain coming out of this....
Helst **: at least on my end....
Cranky Crocus: Hahaha. You're so great. =D.
Helst **: Word.
Cranky Crocus: I have a feeling that in the hours after Wolven when I'm supposed to be sleeping and won't be this will find itself in my livejournal.
Cranky Crocus: (Who needs to sleep when they have to stop eating and drinking at twelve, and have to go under general anesthesia around twelve hours after?)
Helst **: this conversation? I'll be in LJ?!? OMG I'll be famous on teh internets!
Helst **: but censor my name, I don't want everyone Iming me from being famous.
Cranky Crocus: Duh.
Cranky Crocus: How can you be a porn star and not be famous on the internet? =/. I don't get it.
Helst **: true.
Cranky Crocus: I should gather my homework so that I can attempt to do it while watching the movie.
Helst **: I should seriously be a porn star
Helst **: You'd be all watching it in like 10 years with your g/f and you'll be like OMG I KNOW HIM!
Cranky Crocus: I'd buy a copy and put it in a frame on my wall. I don't know if I'd ever WATCH it, but yeah...
Helst **: And you'll have an orgasm where you sat
Cranky Crocus: 'Course. Dykes orgasm to naked men on the TV all the time. :P.
Helst **: Because you'd see me. AND THE WORLD would ASPLODE
Cranky Crocus: Or ass-plode, depending on what they had for dinner.
Helst **: The End.
Helst **: I should be a porn star
Cranky Crocus: Yes.
Helst **: I mean good pay, great health insurance, and I get to have sex at least a couple times a day
Cranky Crocus: I'm going to go plan how to make millions on you becoming a porn star.
Cranky Crocus: Bye-bye!
Helst **: yay!
Helst **: bye

Auto response from Cranky Crocus: If I were funny, I'd split your side. You should be happy that I'm not funny.

Now I have to go do homework because I promised to let Lisa copy my data sheet.
That means I have to read the story and do the data sheet.
And probably do it well.
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