Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Watsonii Meeting

I woke up reasonably today.
Got ready, got dropped off at the Subaru, drove to get petrol money, bought a full tank of petrol for $15 I'll get from Toast, and found my way to the Dunkin Donuts at Patriot's Place with Mum's help.
I got a large iced caramel coffee and was reading the third book in the Eragon series, looking around and hoping Watsonii had meant the DD IN Patriot's Place and not the one NEAR it.
While I was looking out one door wondering if she would show up (I was 15 minutes early at that point), I heard a high-pitched voice exclaim, "Ah, there you are!" I smiled wide.
She said, "So I snuck up on you coming in the other way!"
She bought a coffee and we chatted. We covered subjects from surviving senior year to Hoegler and new administration, university and grades, teaching and learning, silly things, how strange we are and how high our expectations are of ourselves, our similarities, some memories and stories.
It was nice. I gave her the gift of the green nice-feeling journal. She laughed at the shiny wrapping paper, which I had taken from Toast's gift. She joked it blinded her. As usual I didn't truly wrap it, just tucked it in so she could easily unwrap it. Showed her the card but told her she could read it later if she wanted because it was sappy, and if it was too sappy she could feed it to the freshman. I told her I remember when she had told us we needed Natural Resource notebooks as a freshman. She smiled and told me she would be doing it again in February and that she loved the journal, because of course green is her favourite colour (and I chose the shade that we both adore) and it felt good and it was compact. She slipped it into her bag with the card.
We took a walk outside and chatted some more. She questioned me on a tree and I recognised it and remembered her talking about it but couldn't remember the name even knowing the bark and the buds. She told me it was Platanus and I groaned, because that was one I had never remembered back in school and had to study for 45 minutes to get right for the final. She laughed.
I walked her to her car and she gave me a hug. I asked her if we should have another coffee meetup when I'm back in sixth months and she said of course. I smiled and asked if she was comfortable with acquaintanceship with old students, then? She affirmed it but noted that of course there were always a few boundaries because things needed to feel right in her belly, and I agreed of course because there are boundaries on the student side too, like the First Name thing. We laughed.
Her parting comment was, "And maybe you'll grow some!" I glared and remarked, "Oh, what a nice parting snipe THAT is!" We split and I walked to my car with a bounce in my step and a big smile.

Drove home singing. Tried to call people to see if they'd like to come to Sarah's party with me but no one answered and Toast's line was busy.
Came home. New hat from Grampa and Memere! It's cute and has llamas and it's from Chile. It's silly and lovely. It's like a flapper hat! I love silly hats.
Booby called back and informed me that he is with Dana, and he actually brought up Sarah's party first, thank goodness. They're going to get high with some weed and go.
Ah thank goodness. Sarah is kind-hearted enough, and certainly intelligent, but she's a bit of an annoying know-it-all. She's not very well liked. My graduation party was the first party she had ever been invited to and she went on forever about how fun it was and thank you so much for inviting me... So she really wants me to come to her party, and she has a history of throwing parties that absolutely no one comes to. I don't want that to happen so I'm definitely going but it's nice to have some people I consider pretty good mates there too.

Still lots to do 'round here! More organising and I still have to go through loads of stuff and soon enough do my washing and think about packing again.
Ah! First a bit of Random Hearts though.
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