Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Grey's Garble

I finished going through February and March for the New Year's entry.
McSpleeny pointed out a while ago that this is the last year we can use double-o glasses for New Years stuff, since next year it'll be 2010 'stead of 2009.

Also now is when I should be shot.
'cause I watched episode 8 of season 5 of Grey's Anatomy, the first without Erica Hahn, and I actually liked Dr. Virginia Dixon.
I'm not supposed to really 'cause she's just temporarily taken over the spot of my fave GA doc and because she has Asperger's and is socially impended, etc... but her leaving scene in the elevator with Bailey? I thought that was fantab. Watching the actress play the character was fascinating, all the minute details.
For some reason when I watch her face in slow motion it reminds me of Cavanagh's and I don't know why, but not when it's paused. But the thought made me giggle a bit anyway. Nice being on good terms again.

Also, Sadie?
Where does that accent come from? I've been listening to her words intently. WTFers with the accent?
I admit, yeah, she's kinda hot, and her voice itself is pleasant, but the unplaceable or pseudo accent sort of drives me bonkers.

And Callie?
For the first time I actually realised she's hot. I guess it took me not seeing her clinged around buffoon George and not standing next to badass cardio goddess Hahn / kickarse ladyfriend Erica to see it.
But yeah. Callie is actually hot.

There we go. Apparently my gaping Grey's Anatomy wound has healed, although I will never forgive for booting Hahn and I won't forget her or stop mourning her loss. Probably. Eh. Perhaps making promises is not something I should do. Given it's Grey's Anatomy, and promises do not mix well with Grey's Anatomy.

I'm awake. Bah on this. But life is good, so that's fine, sheepish smile.
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