Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Almost six a.m.

I have 1200 words of it done, up through introduction and methods/materials and results, with all the tables and graphs aligned into place even as I'll have to actually put them in today at the library.

Just the discussion left to do. Up to 800 words for it. Shouldn't be terrible - need at least 300 words, and I have multiple topics to discuss. Shouldn't be long either. Maybe an hour. But I don't think I'll go to sleep, because my mind doesn't like it if I admit I haven't slept much through night. It prefers being tricked into thinking the whole time I've been awake has been one day.

Plus, well, coffee helps. Especially given I don't normally drink it.

Have also realized it's probably good that I don't have a paid account because so many of my icons would be Dr. Erica Hahn. Gods, when I fangirl, I go semi-crazy. It's also funny that for once with a character in a lesbian relationship I'm not all over the shipping and both characters together--I basically just like her. Although Callie is definitely growing on me. She won't get up to Hahn-point.

If I start writing fanfic for this already-deadified couple I will laugh at myself. But it will be well-deserved.

I have basically done this. Wow. Go Kiwi. I forgot you could totally do it.

Can almost taste the victory. Will taste the victory when it's through. Will then stop tasting the victory when I get the mark back, grins. But that's for another day.
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