Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

So I got cocoa done in good time. Had apple done by 10-something.

Worked on ecological sampling data stuff until about half two or so, with Sarah and people. Although they left at one I think.

She left her laptop with me. I have all the information sorted and in tables and graphs.

Only they won't convert over. So I'm going to have to send stuff to my email and finish in the library tomorrow.

Or, I'll have to do that once I've WRITTEN the report.

So now I've got 1500-2000 words to write before 4 p.m., with Living Cell lecture 9-11 and Living Cell practical 11-1, and the paper being due at 4 in New Ag, which is about a half hour away.

I'm going to do this. Somehow.

And then I'm going to sleep.

Edit - If (when) I finish, I get to watch a Grey's Anatomy episode tomorrow when it's officially the weekend.

I feel like Beans and Snoopy.
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