Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 16:34 Doing the Macarena and walking up and down the corridor counts as doing chemistry, right? ...right? What about crunches? Meditating? Eek
  • 08:46 I need to go look at my Chilterns' assessment now that I have it. I feel sick. I'm frightened. I can't put this off anymore!
  • 09:57 I feel better about the 55 having sent an email to the professor and having ranted. I think I'm going to wash off the rest with a shower.
  • 16:04 Livejournal died for a while and I thought I was ded tuu. Nao! I haz extension on paper fer whole class, 'cause I askeded! <3. Ki ...
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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