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'twas really nice seeing Snoopy's Miss Delaney icon back on flist. I always miss it! Given that we used to keep in contact primarily through livejournal when we were both not interested in emailing and she didn't want to go on IM. Now we're both disinterested in emailing, I don't go on IM, and she doesn't post. But now there is Facebook!

But I definitely still miss livejournaling with her haha. We used to have the best livejournal comment chains everrrr.

I finished Tulipifera! The title is shite for the book, but then again the book in general is shite, but I had a good time of it!

So tomorrow starts the final four chapters of the High School Novel (which doesn't even have a WORKING title because I am so pathetic--bad enough that my working titles become my real titles, let alone that I usually can't even come up with working titles).

That will also be my last novel idea from high school, which is a really sad thing for me to think about. I still have short stories and stuff to finish, but it's a really strange feeling to know it's my last high school novel idea. That I got the whole thing from when I was stressed out junior year doing NHS applications, being active in GSA and Plant Guides and church and having too much school work and everything was going on. That I just stopped and thought "GEH. WANT TO GO TO THE FUTURE. LULZ TIMECAPSULE OF MAI MISERY FER FUTURE KEYWII" and then there was a story.

Zoë mentioned that yeah, in four years time I'll be finished up with university novel ideas and the new ones will be from the work force and stuff.

And I was like: head asplodes.

Because that's mind-blowing! Epic! Scary! Get the pillow to hide behind and the toilet paper roll to conduct battle with!

And now it is bedtime 'cause I have chemistry on the morn'.

(I is at 36.6k.)
Tags: nano, writing

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