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Living Cell: 1 Kiwi: 0

So. Starting this off with Friday. I woke up and was "ugggh living cell" and then I was told Michael Fry was back and was like "UGHUGHUGH, FRYBOY!" and it was le sad. So I walked with Sarah and sat with Jo, who complimented my hair (just my hair tucked in a half-ponytail braid, looked somewhat Native American, nothing complicated).

So at first I was paying attention. And then I was not. I think I actually need to get my notes for this one.

First page: Rapt attention.

Second page: Rapt attention.

Third page: Attention, but fewer notes.

Fourth page: Attention until the slide before the break. Then "WEEE! =) || -> =/ <- Yesss." Meaning "I'ma pretend tu be happee but rly Iz sadz, yesyes." Then a ningglomp (little circular blob with wings and big circular eyes) looking confused saying, "Hee talkie tuu much. Hee haz stoodentz, not reesurcherz. Pleez be 'memberin' dis!" and a square ningglomp (forgot what I used to call them, just the same thing as rectangles) looking discouraged with shifty eyes and a frown saying, "I concur." And drawn from break is the attractive Mohegan boy from The Last of the Mohegans, with text next to him: "I'm a boy in a loincloth. You just don't know. I am the last Mohegan to die. I HAVE A GREEN SHIRT!" Obviously, rapt attention, right...?

Fourth page: "Gehhh...break over. Think novel. You can do this. Make it through!" on the top. Then "I AM A BANANA!" in a box, with "(My spoon is too big.)" underneath. Then Sarah started a knots and crosses game, and of course we tied. Then I wrote, "Sarah + Kiwi = knot and cross wood pigeons." I drew a pigeon shrugging with question marks. She wrote, "lulwut?" I made an arrow and wrote, "Karah (Kiwi + Sarah) the wood pigeon, according to Juliette, when we sang Harry Potter @ tea." She replied, "oooh, I see now!" (Juliette thinks we're like wood pigeons with our random outbursts of Teh Silleh.) More notes and then "Cancer-caushing blablah." Then a bunch of dots and, "My paper is getting CANCER! No signaling! It won't stop!!" and "CANCERRRR." Then under the slide he kept going back to and making random arm movements at: "This must be his favourite slide. O_o" Then, "Inhibitor. Random words. Something turned on. Biology = the science of organic, sexually frustrated chemicals." Profound, I know. Then, "He smiles as if we're enjoying this, as if 3/4 of us r not asleep." Then, "Jesus transduction pathway: God --> clouds --> rain --> oceans --> Nemo --> childrens' brains --> Evangelists --> dinner --> pasta. God = Flying Spaghetti Monster. Me = Pastafarian." I decided my new religious choice in The Living Cell. Underneath I quoted Fryinator, "Do the additional reading and try to engage with it," at which I thought of myself speaking with a book and pleading, 'help meeeee.' Then, "BlahblahpeptideblahblahI'm a monkey in a pink tutublahblahchemistry." Because that's sorta how he talks in my head.

Fifth page: "Don't you get dizzy walking in circles and flapping your arms and pointing at things?" to which Sarah instead replied, "Moi? Can't say I do that glen :S." I underneath, "Cute purple-haired girl is asleep. Lulz. Giggle. ;3. Teehee." "RAS - 1 of the key human somethings." I drew a sentence purely in pictures. Key = key, concept = lightbulb in a thought bubble, in = open door with arrow pointing in, cell = plant cell, signaling = mobile phone. Then "Cancer=uncontrolled, stimulate response wen shldn't. Always pos. message 2 stuff shldn't do. Good specifics, Kiwi.
Sixth Page: I drew a sandwich and, "" Sarah replied, "Don't get your hopes up!" and I said, "Meeting Liz in town! Food. Possibly subway or better! <3." She asked, "oh, can I come?" and I accused, "You stealz mah food?" She answered honestly, "Yes, I stealz the Christianz fud too. *ninja eyes*" I responded, "I doesn't no wut ninja eyes look liek cuz i never seez ninjas. They inveeseeble. You invisible?" She corrected, "Fine. *shifty eyes* then." I then wrote up, ">_> <_< -_- o_o O_O O_o >_< v_v TT_TT = Living Cell makes me cry." She consoled, "=("

Seventh Page: "Cute purple-haired girl is awake. She looks confused. Me too. Giggle." At the bottom I have sheep number three running toward a fence with, "Tired. Long lecture!" and sheep two jumping over the fence with a, "Baaa." and then sheep 1 dead on the grass, with an arrow informing, "Dead sheep." I wrote off to the side, "I stealz his coffeeeeee." Sarah wondered, "Has he actually managed to drink any?" I answered, "Not that I witnessed. I've been watching." She conceded, "As have I!"

Eighth Page: No notes. Just a picture of Michael Fry saying, "Look @ me be boring. Everything causes cancer!" And that was the point of the lecture, apparently - instead of Mean Girl's, "You will get pregnant. And die." it was "Look at all the ways you can get cancer. Everything causes cancer. You will get cancer. And die."

Then Sarah walked me to the split of going to the bus stop and going to Windsor. I got out money right before the bus came and on the bus going the wrong direction. Early, but wrong direction. And I realized a bit too late, and didn't have more exact change for another bus, so I thought I'd just have an adventure since I was three quarters of an hour early anyway. Then I started thinking of strategies to each Liz if I needed them: had her number on my laptop at home, but of course for once my room was locked; could call family long-distance and quickly write down Liz's mobile phone number. Decided I'd wait it out.

I was ten minutes late and then ran to the station. Ran back out again when I didn't see her. She approached me and greeted me. I told her I was so sorry for being late! And told her about he adventure I had had. She laughed and said I sounded English already, so I turned red. She said, well let's get on our way. We walked around a bit looking for restaurants and then she said we should go back for the Italian since I didn't really have a preference. We went in and I was shocked because it was nice and had real food and not Windsor fuel.

We sat down and chatted. About university, politics, Da, etc. Apparently Da used to make Nigel and Liz cheesecakes and leave them in their fridge! Giggles. Liz admitted that she still remembered Da as a first year university student so closely that it was strange to think now his daughter was off as a first year at uni too. We praised him together and it was very "yaaaay daddygraham!" time. Loved hearing about university!Da. At the same time that I've come here for my own experiences, it's easy for me to admit that I have also come to connect with my Da's side and his experiences, because I grew up in Mum's country and one of the states she lived in and having American experiences.

Liz told me that one time when I was younger she had asked me, "Do you feel American or English?" thinking it was just another question to ask and answer quickly and move on. But with my being little Kiwi, I sat and thought for a moment and replied, "When I'm in America I feel more English, and when I'm in England I feel more American." This was a very young Kiwi, apparently. And then she asked me later when I was apparently around 7 and I told her, "I feel a little more English now." The conversation was brought up when I mentioned that I had been going through all the stuff I wrote when I was little, and how if anyone ever asked the question, "Where do you feel most comfortable?" or "Where do you want to live when you grow up?" or any questions like that, my answer was always England. So this decision was not at all of the whimsical sort. It is deeply seeded in my childhood. I feel a calling for this place, somehow, that I can't even explain. And I have the same calling to travel, but it's nice to feel that I have so many homes.

Liz went on about how well I looked and how great it was to see me walking because she remembered me when I was in so much pain. Talked a bit about my past. It got to, "Oh poor, poor you!" to which I replied, "No, certainly not poor me!" and smiled. She nodded her head and said, "No, you're right--not poor, poor you, but still poor, poor you." Which I had to acquiesce to, I suppose. I did mention that the lot of it gave me very good writing material. She chuckled.

The food is never really my centre piece. I got buffalo mozzarella cheese or something, with tomatoes. I ate it. I got four season pizza, and that I really liked! Split into four sections - mushroom, artichoke, pepperoni, and I think some sort of ham. I really liked it. We laughed at how strangely I ate it. I picked up each piece, ate into it a bit, and put it back down. By the time I was finished I had the outer circle of a pizza with the center piece eaten out. We split a dessert and I excavated for brownies because Liz hadn't managed to eat much and thought there wasn't any left, but I had faith and found the biggest bunch we had seen yet. Epic win.

I gave over the sweatshirt and hat, which she laughed at, and card, which we read together. She gave me a bag of food. Dutch shortbread, strange Italian meringue (if that's the right word for egg white whipped with sugar, and I have no idea) things that I like, cous cous, pasta, HP sauce (I think in honor of Da), pesto sauce, and coffee. She gave me 20 pounds because she had been saddened she couldn't get me a drink (she guessed I might not drink, and she had been right) so I could buy myself some milk or some drink I'll enjoy. There aren't any drinks I really enjoy save maybe this ka strawberry flavoured drink, sparkling, that I found but that's less than two quid. So I may purchase a journal instead because I've almost used mine up and I get drunk on words best. Giggles.

We walked back to the station and hugged. She mentioned she would send an email to my parents telling them how well I looked. She promised not to mention anything embarrassing. I told her she had to, because if she didn't they'd think she was covering up for me and that I hadn't shown up at all. She had to put something strange/embarrassing to prove that I had met up with her at all. Chuckle.

I took the bus home (successfully) and came up. Got some stuff done, Juliette called me over for some help with her art history paper and I helped her compare and contrast two paintings. She wasn't really referencing and her word choice wasn't too fantastic, I noticed, but I tried to just help her with flow. She didn't have much flow between paragraphs. I kicked myself for noticing English-major stuff. I'm not an English major! Or an art history major! Or psychology! Or maths! I'm ECOLOGY! But, from what I've seen, out of the lot of us...the ecology majors show the most liberal arts (skilled ones) traits. It makes me giggle. Dweeb would be afraid of me!

I zonked out on my bed for hours and apparently Sarah tried to wake me up but it didn't work. I was having a bad dream about Lora hating me and trying to use a voodoo doll or something on me, and having a friend try to kill me. It was strange. Matt came in and turned the light on, and I was awake immediately. I got prepared and walked to the busstop with Sarah while the others walked in. We snuck onto a bus 9 with bus 20 and 21 route all-day passes but all was good. Got to the cinema and waited. Lora showed up and was all lovery with Pirate Steve, which was funny. But a big "aaaagh people are beginning to hook up" realization. Ah well.

We went and bought our tickets. Then a Ben and Jerry's sundae that we all split. It was fantabulous. We went into the theatre and I saw the first Twilight preview. As mentioned, I growled and hissed and tried to get it away. It didn't disappear. I danced a bit. The movie was pretty alright. I didn't watch the last one, though, so that was giggle-worthy. BUT JUDI DENCH! She makes everything epic, so I was happy. Yaaaay Judi Dench. But it made me want to watch some movies with Maggie Smith, because we all know I lovez her!

Rode in the boot back from the cinema in Tony's car with everyone. I pulled the black covering over me and had lots of fun dancing, with the music vibrating my bum. Got out and went upstairs. We watched some Black Book, I think that was what it was, while I typed up my notes. Came back and worked and stuff. Slept.

Woke up at a random time really having to pee, went, came back to sleep. Woke up at half 12, snoozed until 1. Pretty epic. Internet until half 1, then inspired self to take a shower. Back and around. Cleaned and worked a bit. Zoë eventually came up to be kidnapped so she could write. I showed her around and unknowingly brought her into a room filled with people she doesn't know, forgetting that some people don't like that. I just like being thrown around! She got to see our kitchen and bathroom and the cut I got on my tongue. Spoke with Lora, who apparently started going out with Pirate Steve as of a week ago when she agreed to it, but she thinks she was sleeping because she totally doesn't remember. And it's not as if she doesn't want to, but she just doesn't remember. So apparently she hit her one-week anniversary without knowing! Day 1: Lora and Steve meet. Day 2: Steve breaks up with girlfriend. Day 3: Steve asks Lora to go out, and she (sleeping) agrees. Giggles.

I'm not very good at just staying in my room and doing stuff, even when I haz a guest. Bad Kiwi. That's probably why people don't visit me. Iz a butterfly! And some people be shy, but Iz not remember. Pouty face. Token Northern Boy came to borrow our kitchen because someone stole his floor's kettle; he turned from Token Northern Boy to TNB, to Tin Boy, to Tin. Giggles. Uhoh a Kiwi nickname.

I drank two cups of tea from the same tea bag, and I will probably have a third. I like doing that. Iz strange. TEA. <3. Better than coffee. And I haz honey I stolez from dah cafeteria. Just little ones.

Zoë got 500 words done, which I guess is something. It's 1% of 50,000! So yay. But I definitely wasn't a very good hostess. Will have to work on this. Would like to get her friendly with my corridor peeps so she feels comfy coming up and hanging out with us! Haha. We shall devour her souuuuul. With comedy and THE LION KING.

Now Iz needing to work more. Tomorrow I get Chilterns assessment back. Iz dying inside. Hopefully I did well!

Off and away!

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