Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Broke 30. ...30,000

I woke up at half ten today after snoozing my alarm for half an hour. (I woke up randomly in the night to discover my laptop on my head since I had fallen asleep doing the grape assessment on Blackboard, which is thankfully non-graded and I had saved each answer after adding, so I only had half of it to do today.)

I checked 'net stuff and at 11 realized I really needed to get up. So I got out of my clothes to prepare for a shower, and as I was starkers there was a knock on the door. I was hoping it was Lora. I hollered to wait a tic, put on my house coat, and opened the door. It was one of the cleaning ladies. She asked if she could check my room. I covered my morning breath mouth and nodded, allowing her in. The only notation she made was that I needed to hoover, and when I told her that I had but the little specks of stuff wouldn't come off she laughed and said it was the combination of a bad hoover and a nylon rug that everything sticks to. I said I'd give it another shot. She joked with me and left.

I joked around with Mary, who had been burning a joss stick when the woman had knocked, and then went off for a shower. Too many supplies now that I have dandruff conditioner, but yay for having a loufa. Came back, got dressed. Sarah knocked on my door and asked if I wanted to go down for lunch since she had to go to a meeting with her personal tutor soon. I said sure, even though it was earlier than I go down to lunch on my own, and went down with her and Matt. Spoke with Zoë.

Lunch wasn't so great. Came back up and finished up grapevine, I think. Then wrote for about half an hour and got to 29,500 words, so leaving to go on the field trip was really annoying when I just wanted to get to 30,000. I walked in the rain over to New Ag. taking Lora's way and don't think it's faster. Ranted with Jo about having a new phone. Dropped it in my excitement and had to put the battery back in, but the stupid thing didn't die anyway.

Bus to Lily House. Had a fun plant woman speak to us and bring us around. Really cute dogs, all seemed purebred to me. One looked like a possible mutt. No leash laws! In the wildlife protection area in the back, but not in the main park anywhere. Just good behaviour rules. A border collie came up and tried to get Helen, the woman, to throw its ball. It dropped its ball at each students' feet until one finally threw it. So cute. I took a few notes but it was raining so that didn't work so well. Back on the bus to some other site that was even less exciting with a man who blabbered on and I couldn't take notes. I asked a question about how hush-hush the operation was since it was Stage 1 and hadn't even finished with the landscape contractors, and he answered quite a bit but then said that my question was "very canny" so he was going to stop answering it. Haha.

CJ gave me a big hug. I hiccuped in front of Duncan (professordude) and he was entertained/surprised. I was teased about it. Hung out with Naomi and she was surprised I'm from America. Came back and Jo gave me a ride to near Windsor, but missed the road and dropped me off nearby. Went straight to tea, which I didn't like much and Sarah found a small piece of blue plastic in her food. Ahhh silly. Came back up and wrote to 31,020 words. Yay! Started working on my bee stuff.

We watched The Last of the Mohegan and they kept the lights on so I could keep working. I loved the film and I finished copying down the blackboard information. Now I have to read some of the extra reading (no way all of it because there's just too much! I'll skim), then do the assessment and move on to European. Then I'll be caught up with the class! The Living Cell will be annoying. I'm sure I'll manage.

Got Harry's chair into my room and I'm loving it. Will read a bit in it before I go to sleep, since I'm not writing in bed tonight. Living Cell tomorrow with Sarah and Lora and all. Gehh. But maybe Young Fraserwoman! Natasha.

Loved going into town yesterday. Got stuff I needed. Now I need to buy a labcoat (bit over ten quid), some Wellies (should do with 15 or so) and I think I'm set. Unless I want some work-like shoes but I think Wellies should do. Yay!

Tomorrow I see Liz at noon in Reading Station. Have to remember to bring the stuff for her. Excited. Lunch away from uni! And possibly tomorrow night going out with the gang for a movie at the cinema (Bond?) and a drink on the Thames. Sounds good to me! Smiles.

Have finished my internet stuff, I think. Sent two songs to Fraserbeing today, the two about not being able to do maths. Sent it to her home email address. Wondering if she got it - hope she enjoyed it! Don't expect a response. Grinned at the Cavanagh tidbit of her speaking in a strange voice, repeating it, being asked who it was by a student, and replying "some weirdo." Very Kivanagh - Kiwi Cavanagh! Something we've both done now, I think. Smiles. Pesky woman and her being so cute.

Reading and bed time!

ALSO! I won first in a Teen Writing contest on for Old Tree, the story I wrote for the cute pesky old woman! Bwuahahaha.
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