Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus


I woke up today before lunch, which was impressive. I didn't feel like going down though. I thought I might regret it since they don't serve dinner Sats and Suns, but I just wasn't hungry.

I took a shower which made me feel a bit better but my room was still a mess.

I saw Batgirl a bit. We hung out for a little while. Then I checked out my novel and realized I only have 5 more chapters to write in the high school one! It made me really sad. I did the outline back in sophomore year sitting up in the bleachers. I think I started it during some sort of assembly, or maybe when I was out of gym class, or something. It's just close to the heart like that and it's almost done. It's hard to believe.

Batgirl's friend Laura came with two other friends, one of whom wished to dye her hair black and purple. So we went to the bathroom and they worked on that again. I came back to my room and don't even know what I did. I went back when they were highlighting and did my fringe. I love it!

Dropped in at Alyshia's room when everyone was hanging out in there. But I didn't want to stay in there doing nothing. I came back to my room and cleaned it up! Yaaay. Even changed my duvet cover over into the blue one with the rainbow wave.

I haven't done much for work because I'm pathetic. So I know my schedule for the week but I didn't do any more note-typing. I've been reading through the Herbarium site that was posted on the Plant Diversity blackboard. Then I'll have more to go through. Sigh. Bad Kiwi.

Tomorrow I'll have to get some stuff done. I may have to create a rule of pretending I'm at school until a certain time each day - 4 or 5 or something - and allow myself very limited Internet until then. It'll work out especially since I end up rotting in front of a computer when none of my Ammy friends are on anyway. I should just get my work done in the afternoon and not in the evening as is my custom, because that's when I'll want to hang out and chat. In high school that used to be in the afternoons. So that has to change!

Tomorrow I have chemi from 9 - 12, have to deliver my forms to the Prof. of Enviro, don't have anything until Writers' Society at 7.30. So I really need to inspire myself to work in-between that time.

Lash pointed out that the main difference between high school and uni is that I have to motivate myself. But I'm thinking, well, that isn't actually a change... A lot of stuff that has been a change for others hasn't felt like much of a change for me.

I still just hope I can do this!
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