Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Productive, for Sick

So I eventually fell asleep and woke up a bit after 12. A bit of computer, suffered my way through brushing my teeth (I hate it SO MUCH when I'm sick), and made it down for a quick lunch.

I've endeared Annie to me! Everyone teases her for the way she talks. After she got my meal for me today I mentioned, "I'm sick again! Worse than before!" and she was very kind. She came out and told me to drink lots of water and tea and to eat fruit. An orange, specifically. So she came out and got me one specifically, then wished me well and told me she hoped to see me up and about and not sick. It reminded me of the Aggie lunch ladies and how kind they were - giving me free stuff when I was sick, commenting on my studying, watching out for me, etc. I love smiling at the lunch women and men.

I came back up and actually got some stuff done today. Typed up my chemistry and plant notes. Still need to read my plant Blackboard stuff, type up the rest of my exploit notes and read the stuff up there plus take assessments, get my forms to the Environment in Practice professor, and type up my Living Cell notes so I can get them to Sarah. Mainly it's going to be Exploit that's the pain, I think.

I hung around with Batgirl and the others for bits of time. After I had finished chemi I went out and read on my two pillows in the doorway to my room / in the corridor. People chuckled at me, but they're finally getting the idea that I really am just strange.

They all still think I sleep loads and loads. I grin; I can take it. I was fed random bits and pieces today - digestives Matt didn't want, some Pringles from Batgirl, leftover Chinese from Annabelle and her boyfriend.

I also watched The Fifth Element and half of Harold and Maude. I love both movies so, so much.

Tomorrow is another weekend day. Love love love. I still haven't called the UU group because I don't have a mobile but I also don't want to go to my first service sick. Not so thrilled about the idea of being on the phone, either. Perhaps I should find their email or something. If they have one.

I'm heading off now. Time for some reading and sleeping! Loving this book.
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