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I've had a wonderful weekend, but...

...talking to an ex-lesbian about making love/having sex with her boyfriend is icky.


I used to talk to her for the gay relief of it. She used to talk about her girlfriend a lot, and what they would do. It evened out all of the straight conversations I had during the day. Don't get me wrong, I love hearing things that matter to people! ...most of the time.

When it's getting that detailed, and then I'm made out to be stupid for not knowing something, and then given attitude for her thinking she'd already told me, I don't love it. It makes me cringe, roll my eyes, and barely keep a restrain on my own cold sarcasm and icy temper.

So instead of continuing to drool over the NAKED KATE BECKINSALE, I'm sitting there feeling like a stupid idiot and have pictures I'm not interested in having floating around in my head. Not.Fun.

-More whimpers.-

I'll end it with NAKED KATE BECKINSALE and that I have NO SCHOOL TOMORROW.

Readingxwritingxdroolingxmusic!! And studying. Because I'm a nerd.

Finnne...I won't end it there. I still love Eka lots and lots. Gehhh...I just need to adjust to the fact that she has a boyfriend now. She isn't going to talk about peaches, clits, and wet girl-girl fucking. It's now going to be about her dark boyfriend and what they do. Her boyfriend sounds spiff, at least... Just...-sigh.- As I find myself saying so often, I should get a few more gaygal friends.

Or, gasp, maybe a girlfriend!

Except for that my heart is broken and I need a new one.

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