Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Kindred Spirits

I did some more research on the term kindred spirit. I've done it three times now. Once, sophomore year, when the term was used on me. Second, senior year to compare it to the term "friendship" as a term I would not hear on me from the same person. Third, now, after my experience with Anne of Green Gables.

I found one short definition that made me smile. There were many blogs on the subject and different pages. I am not so sure the term was coined from Anne. Well, by that I mean, I'm pretty sure it was used before that, even if not in popularity. Same as "that takes ovaries" circulated before it was copyrighted with a book.

The definition:

Kindred spirit is a term for someone who shares similar thoughts, feelings, someone who is close in temperament and nature to yourself, to whom you have a rare spiritual link that is very special and you can't quite explain.

Another two things I came across in an intellectual blog on the subject made me both jump for joy (not being alone) and frown deeply.

9:52 PM
Scraps said...

I think that one of the most painful experiences in life is when a kindred spirit cannot be a friend. It hurts so much more.

10:41 AM
TRW said...

Scraps: Yes. (pause for a moment) Yes. It hurts.

There are people out there who can understand, then. Perhaps kindred spirits in kindred pain. I await the day I may meet some, then. Those who know what they have lost by being aware of what they had.
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