Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Anne of Green Gables

I have watched Anne of Green Gables nearly all day long, and far into the night. I am a silly girl.

I saw so much of myself in her. It was beautiful to me.

When I saw the principal of the school of the Pringles' town, I just felt that she had to, HAD TO be Anned. I knew what I would have done. For a second, when I thought they weren't going to continue with her, I thought I might cry. Thank goodness they did.

She did precisely what I would have! That made me so pleased. Invited Katherine along to Green Gables, and talked her into it. Deep smile. She saw the kindred spirit underneath! Of course she did. Smiles.

Just, all of it... It was so beautiful and heartfelt. I loved it. There's more for me to see, but I've seen what I must for now. I couldn't have put it down a second sooner.

I don't feel quite so sick. Two people have left notes on mine outside the door. Smiles. Lora brought me the sub. It is so wonderful here.

I will strive to be like Anne, by striving to be like me! I have found a kindred spirit in Anne Shirley. Deep smile.
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