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Kiwi Crocus

Kate knocked on my room today and I woke to say, "Hello? Hello!" and she butted her head in. She then looked really concerned and said, "You were sleeping and your do was unlocked." I either said "I know" or "Oh...I guess." She left and I was sitting there going, what the frak, you didn't seriously come in to check if my door was locked?

Juliet knocked on my door later and came in. She was impressed I had been asleep. She started admiring my pictures and mentioned that she would come back when she wasn't so ruddy tired. She mentioned lunch. I got up, moved around, got ready, went down.

Lunch was crap to the point that I don't remember it. Fine conversation, I'm sure. Then we went to Freshers Fayre. I was so overwhelmed, it was epic! I put myself on loads of email lists, and the first I saw was the LGBT group so I went right to that one. Amnesty International, Lock Picking, Belly Dancing, Roleplay, Anime & Manga, and more. I don't intend to join them all (what with fees) but I thought I might as well get on the email list. More information is better than too little. I'll join a few.

Went to the poster sale and bought a monochrome poster that says "AMBITION The world makes way for those who know where they are going." because it sounded like a me sort of quote and I really like that it's a picture of an old wooden dock on a beautiful lake with a mountain and low-lying cloud beyond. Helped Juliet pick out some posters.

We came back and I helped Juliet put up her posters. Showed her that I could juggle and she told me I was really good (I'm rubbish) and should have joined the circus society like she did. I'll look into later probably. They're actually all really cool people.

I hung around until dinner. We went down and the food was actually reasonable. We talked about loads of fun stuff and came back up. More wandering aimlessly and doing stuff occasionally. I hang out in Laura's room a lot but it's really pleasant. She gave me a bag of crisps--Roast Chicken! Seriously, they have the best crisps here. And they are going to force me to try Digestives (biscuits / cookies) and custard cremes when we have them. They are teaching me to be British, gigglesnort.

We went down to the bar and I picked up a lemonade and a Decker chocolate bar for one pound five pence. Nice to be able to hang out with everyone without spending mass amounts on drinks. Juliet was pretty gone, haha. I danced around and sang with Sarah. We played that block game where it' sa tower and we have to remove bottom pieces and put them up top. Only with real blocks, and it got mighty tall. I don't even remember who lost it went on for so long.

Realized I was kinda-sorta developing a crush on Sarah, which was weird because at first she reminded me of Mum, but I realized it was more in looks--she's got the frizzy/curly blonde hair and she's not incredibly tall. She's pretty shy but really witty. Smart. She's loads of fun and we bonded over music and singing "I Kissed a Girl."

We came back up and sat in the hall. Juliet came up and was too far gone to open the door (no one really blames her going up the six flights of swirly stairs drunk) and pretty much fell over on our floor. We watched her antic in amazement and I tortured her someone.

Juliet was really self-conscious about my seeing her drunk but I reassured her. Eventually we all landed in Laura's room. We ended up talking about Ten Things I Hate About You and I mentioned that the girl had a really nice butt. Then Juliet questioned my sexuality (because of the rainbow and the Gay Pride comment) so I admitted I was gay but sometimes admired guys (they sometimes have nice hair and features) but mainly didn't go about labeling myself too much, and I really didn't date much so it didn't matter. They all took it reasonably well. I mean, it was that sort of awkward I-need-to-assure-you-I-have-loads-of-Queer-friends and then the it-doesn't-matter-to-me-I-don't-judge-people-like-that-at-first-meeting and the it-won't-affect-anything.

But I was really actually enjoying being in the closet (somewhat) for the first time. Like, I was acting myself and having rainbow up and stuff, but watching my language and trying to experience what it was like being In. So it was like a game to me. And I lost my game! All over a comment on a butt. But it was really funny having Juliet try to get it out of me. She was like, "So who else do you like?" (after the butt comment) and I said, "Well, I quite like trees." And then she asked, "What kind of trees--wait no I mean celebrities!!!--do you like?" I said politely, "You mentioned trees first, so I like oaks." They all laughed because she was blitzed and they were fine--they had also picked up the gist. At last I confessed, "I quite like Kate Beckinsale in leather." Juliet didn't even know what I meant by leather, so I expressed as in a tight suit. Then I admitted to liking girls.

I actually liked being One Of The Girls. I mean, I always am even when I'm out, but there's a little bit of different treatment when it's generally assumed everyone's het. Like now there will be those awkward need-to-be-PC moments and I just shrug. No one says "That's gay" 'round here at present, so I didn't have that to worry about. I never said I liked boys or alluded to it. I was just sort of mysterious with it and had loads of fun.

So the jig is up with Laura, Sarah, Anabelle, and Juliet. I know Laura will be fine, Sarah was most pleasantly apathetic (which I quite liked), Anabelle looked the strangest, and Juliet was just...well...gone. But I know she has lezzy friends she's spoken of, so I'm not worried.

Then I helped care for Juliet some and came back to finish up my module selection. I heard some movement down the hall (kept my door propped in case) and went down to help Juliet up as she was resting there groaning, "I hate corridors..." unable to get up. Georgie and I brought her to the kitchen and had her drink water. Helped her back. Georgie thanked me.

When I was finishing up selection Georgie came by and we bonded a bit as she was on her way back from getting water. I told her Juliet hadn't yet finished module selection and I had let it slip off because it seemed better for her to do it hungover but sensible over completely toasted. I promised to knock on Juliet's door tomorrow when I've awoken so Juliet can manage it. I then assured Juliet the same thing when she stumbled by to use the bathroom, because she had forgotten and also believed it would be better hungover.

I also want to check on Kate and Alicia tomorrow because Kate is now acting withdrawn and moody and I'm thinking she's homesick, and Alicia (Al-iss-ee-ah) was acting really downcast and tired tonight so I'm hoping she's just exhausted and not down.

I now have a reputation for being the Mother Hen of the floor because I'm a compassionate non-drinker who cares for the others who are homesick / down / drunk / whatever. But I'm also a spunky Mother Hen who will wear a tail and cute hat and dance around like a loon without a drop of alcohol.

Juliet had: two pints, four New Castles (after never having them before), and a bottle of Malibu.

I smelled the Malibu and said, "It smells like coconut rug-cleaner." I took a sip and admitted it tasted about how I would imagine the former would. Once again didn't like the feeling, but at least sipping is fun sometimes.

Emailed Mrs. Cavanagh a catch-up email. Wonder if I'll get a reply but at this point just happy to have sent her an update. Big smile.
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