January 9th, 2020

HP || Happy witch hopping.

Hoggywartyxmas Rec Post

First: Printed every entry from the fest. Double-sided (‘cept photos) & narrow-margins, mindful of spacing - an inch-tall pile when pressed flat. Impressive. Finished reading & squee-scribbling today.

Second: Have carried the stack of fannish delights just about everywhere. Chiropractor said, "Your font is so cool! Are you editing?" "No, commenting--squeeing, mostly." A man at the pub trying to chat me up near close asked the same, responded without looking up so he scoffed, "Just enjoying your life then?" which a) sure am trying & b) made me repeat, "No, enjoying friends' stories and art." The running theme since start of the fest.

Third: One page has nail varnish I spilled on myself & had to wipe off somewhere. Thankfully it's green on a Snape story, though we know how he feels about sparkling... Well, I framed him in it, but it's not the worst framing he's known.

Anyway, this was difficult. I enjoyed working my way through the whole fest; not a day disappointed me. Going through my stack, I ended up with 10 contenders for Top Recs plus some I had to mention, as well as my own gift. Have cheated my way down to 6-as-5 Top Recs & shall include the rest, then back to typing up my comments from the printed sheets for posting.

Rec List

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My Gift!

A Very Kinky Christmas

| Minerva McGonagall/Poppy Pomfrey, Hogwarts staff; Teen; 1.5kwords; When the students are gone, the professors come out to play.

And play they do! Naughty naughty, you'll get caughty... But caught up in each other seems to be what they're into when their Secret Santa turns Filibusted. Leaves a whole bunch of unsupervised Christmassy fun up to the imagination; watch out for the lingerie, a very sweet moment.

And with that it's back to typing up comments from my scripted scribbles. My chiropractor raved enough about my handwriting to make me wish I could do it up right, but until I've managed to script & programme a computer font it's the keyboard for me. Takes longer & am behind but so lovely to have printed copies for carrying around.

Going to see how much more I can get through before I curl up with my dog for sleep; he'll be relieved when I'm back to reading books as he's quite frightened of my constantly-turning pages (& I'm not allowed to tap my papers straight around him, must arrange by hand or my cowardly lion gets scared). Vitamin injection on the morrow & testing this new-old phone for ridesharing capabilities. Shall see.

Away with me...

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