January 5th, 2020

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

hidden in the web

Supposed to be thinking about posting here every day around 22.30 (that's thinking about it, mind, going about the ritual of the thing, not the moment of posting itself) -

only I don't want to, because I'm busy.

I'd rather be reading, so I am.

Many sorries for absenteeism while reading many stories. Invisibly here among the spiders & their webs; was going to dust them out but thought they might deserve it more than I for the moment - perhaps they'll eat the bugs.

Miss the old icons, being able to read the front page. Damn - am posting to the wrong site first again. Out of practise in all these small ways, off to put myself right. [...wanders down Internet street...]

Ah, here I am amongst a different set of spiders. Like the format better here. Different icons: McGonagall looks sad in the ones I've got.

Oh, right, what'm'I reading?

...gimme a minute to figure out how I link it on this site now...

Hell, I give up for now -

It's Hoggywarty Xmas and lookee here, I'm a front-and-centre oldschool link from a user who can't be arsed with newfangled code but likes pretty-picture hyperlinks!

There. This has already taken too long so I'm back to reading too late into the evening before a trip into the city tomorrow afternoon for brunch & possibly a wheelchair-roll (motor or friends pushing) through a local light show of the evening, with much reading through the day.

Forecast: arthritis pain & the scrape of turning pages.

(Hey now, the Current Arthritis Index only predicts me at a High pain now! No wonder I feel better after today's prior Very High indication, and ever the prayer tomorrow shan't be Extreme, amen, etc.)

...didn't mean to but almost posted this to a dead old telly-fandom group, what a mess'm I... But so's dreamwidth since it ate this post the last time I tried it. Won't even worry yet if email will eat comments.

[Crossposted from dreamwidth.]
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