July 4th, 2017

TV || Xena || Laughter.

A Note of Self-Appreciation

if you don't object the literal naval-gazing?

An indication that however sad my state, my heart is not so beyond-bearably broken (it perseveres):

This body, for all it doesn't work when it ought and ages as it ought'nt, sure does take to muscle well.

Damn that is a nice belly. I love every hellish second of athleticism that puts the shadow of muscles across my tum. Another week at home (currently not) and I'll be near real abs.

*grins* If only the old thing worked the way it looks! I'd really be in business then, I'll tell ya.


PS: I'm alive. Been preparing for and recovering from a doctor's appointment that confirmed I have Something Bad (connective tissue disorder) but not what form. Not without lots of money for genetic testing I'm really curious about but that may tamper with my insurance or a big sum of money to an out-of-network doctor who might be more likely to diagnose me by symptoms. Worse than I'd hoped for, but I'll face it.

PPS: The abs help. Back to writing Xena/Gabrielle fic.

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