April 19th, 2015

Nature || Under magnolia skies.

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Today after service and after some youth business, I sat out near the sun again--next to a munching tortoise and a curious dog--and read. I read my books in a cycle unless they're one of my 'default' books (mostly those with a deadline, like book-club books); the first book in my currently-reading cycle is Leaves of Grass.

I feel bad to admit it, but it usually drives me crazy to read the thing. (Sorry, LoG fans!) Definitely not the fan of free-form poetry I was once upon a time, and Walt's earnest-white-man making O Endless Lists of Places, Vocations and States with patriotism, nationalism and sex-talk (not the sort of 'love spendings' that catch my interest) tends to bore me at best or irk me outright.

However, sometimes I hit the right poem at the right time, and it makes it worthwhile for me to be putting myself through the book just to say I've read it.

Today was one of those days: I was outside listening to the birdsong, admiring the sunlight and the budding plants, the hopping birds and the blue sky, when I read aloud 'Warble for Lilac-Time' for the first time.

In honour of (Inter)National Poetry Month (thank you, flist, for alerting me of this!) I thought I'd share it. I'm copy-pasting it from another site so I can't be 100% sure of its accuracy, but here it is:

Collapse )

I'm quite content to continue lagging. Now I'm thinking of one of my favourite flowering trees--Cercis canadensis, the Eastern Redbud--and its dark bark, purple buds, dark heart-shaped leaves. I'll leave you all with a picture of one from the Internet to keep up this feeling of spring.

Both the Muppet dogs wish you all 'hello' and also 'zzz' from the sofa they have taken over from me. Isn't it kind that they left me the final quarter of it for sitting? Such charitable creatures.

Much joy to you, my fellow warblers!

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