March 4th, 2015

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Random Post of Random Things!

  • A Charity Cause!

The Apparating Library

The above is a video from the HPA (Harry Potter Alliance) with their spokesperson/publicity person, who dresses up as an American-Accent Harry Potter. The HPA is a charity that works to educate, spread awareness, and raise money as part of Dumbledore's Army. One of the things they do is the 'Apparating Library'--described a bit in the video--to get books to underfunded, low-income areas and get kids reading/improve literacy rates. Right now they're raising money to have a library hosted in the Netherlands. There are also opportunities to donate books; I can search out some links for that if anyone is interested.

I just like the idea of an organisation harnessing the power of Harry Potter's message and fans in order to put it toward just, real-world problems. They've worked toward various goals in the name of equality, are currently working to get more young people (18-25) voting and learning to use their political power, and have raised some fairly significant money toward things like Kiva and other things. They created the first fair-trade Harry Potter Chocolate Frogs, actually, and petitioned to have Warner Brothers sell them as official merchandise in order to support fair-trade. And succeeded.

Just thought I'd share their current work, then, since we all tend to be fairly literary people and (from what I can see) approve of the general world population being more literate.

  • Drabbles!

So while searching for a link to my own fic a while back I found a drabble written for me by [personal profile] miss_morland that I didn't recall having seen before.

Mine is the second one here, called 'Butterfly'. Hot, sexy, funny, scientific all in 100 words. There is another one, called 'Fairness' for [personal profile] kelly_chambliss that was also quite impressive. Gave me the shivers. There is a second set of drabbles here that I actually haven't read yet myself. In case anyone else is interested in reading some lovely, short HP stuff that might have been missed! (It's from 2009 and 2010.)

  • Goodreads!

I love Goodreads. I wanted to share it--have for a while--because I think that, as literary people, a number of you might enjoy it as well. Do you enjoy 'book posts' from your fellow flisties and enjoy knowing what your flisties are reading? Making reading recs and chatting over books in common?

That's what goodreads is. It's kind of like Facebook for literary people, minus the privacy problems and more annoying status updates. It's addictive at first when one inevitably decides to go through many lists of books and put down which books one has read, or adding books to to-read lists, or whatever else.

After that initial 'mark down all the books!' phase it's a great way of keeping an accurate list of what one reads, sorting books into different virtual 'shelves' of your own creation (travelling spinsters? strong older female characters? queer women kicking ass? Call them as you see them), checking out what other people are reading, making recommendations to those on your friends list, updating how far into a book you are (if you feel like it; there's no requirement there), commenting on what others read, setting a 'book challenge' for the new year, entering contests for free books, leaving reviews and ratings for the books you read...

I love reading as a solitary act but also as a means for connection. Goodreads is the perfect place to do that: you've got your own little library arranged just the way you like it, and all sorts of virtual doors to yours friends' libraries and virtual common rooms for chatting all things books.

I'd love to see you all there! Let me know if you join up. (: I'm Kiwi and you may find there is already another familiar face on there--who knows!

That's good enough for now. I'm pretty exhausted after a long physical therapy evaluation appointment, a pointless trip to Target (they didn't have what I needed; and no, replacing Virgin Mobile phones with Sprint phones doesn't help me), and a meal + game of Dungeons&Dragons with my brother, his bestie Cmace, and Cmace's friend from Ohio.

(The physical therapist said she could, "see me for another hour!" if she didn't have another patient. She was also very impressed with how my body moves and how strong it is, which isn't something I get to hear often. She had me rest on my stomach as she went to type things in and that made me want to stretch, so I stretched my back up like the cobra stretch, and then I wanted to stretch more so I lifted my legs up like the basket stretch I used to do in dance. She turned around then and said, "You really are a marvel! I would never turn around and see another patient of mine able to do that." And equally she acknowledged that it's great that my body can do as much as it can, but it doesn't count for much if plain old living and moving causes me so much pain. I go back again tomorrow for my first full physical therapy appointment. I've already received one of the stretch-bands, so I know I'm on the right track. I think I'll go off and stretch with that a bit before I settle in for sleep.)

I hope you all are keeping well! I haven't heard much from you--my fault for not being here--and that makes me sad. Gotta keep on my game here and not let my exhaustion get to me. *Yawns, falls asleep at keyboard.*

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