January 2nd, 2015

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There is a cat sitting on my hair. Damn it all, Boots, you have to pick the one place. I'll just sit here and keep reading while using you as a furry cat pillow.

This is the sort of thing I put up with in my household. Also, a Christmas tree with blinking lights that has one stupid blue bulb that won't blink in the right time or with any consistency and which drives me and my housemates/friends mad. There is additionally a persistent tortoise, 11 other creatures and a number of unconventional women of all shapes, sexualities and gender presentations living together.

Know what contains similar things?

My hoggywartyxmas gift story, The Cat, the Witch, and the Closet.

There are four comments' worth of squee from me there already. I did the maths, even, to see if I could calculate it into three comments, but it wasn't to be accomplished, so four there are! I figure if there's any time it's acceptable to give four comments, it's to one's own gift.

And what a gift it is. There's an organised, mostly-introverted, bookish, set-in-her-ways Irma Pince who is nonetheless willing to learn and adapt as life presents her with sound education and experience that inspire her to change her mind and ideas. It is brilliant to watch her learn throughout the story just as the topics she learns are equally brilliant: gender, gender presentation, passing, gender presentation and expression vs gender identity, sexuality, and *ahem* animal behaviour. Minerva is filled with good humour; Pomona is filled with life and love. That's three excellent characters already, and then there's a surprise thrown into the mix--one of my very favourite surprises.

So many of my favourite things. I've never been quite so pleased to feel like a combination of these (four) characters, as I often have; this story combines many of the ways my various identities and personality traits play out, as I think the author knows well, and I am grateful for that. I love knowing that the story was clearly written just for me; how lovely that feels. My heart is all full 'nd stuff. I am incredibly pleased with my gift!

I cut the other stories in the queue to get to this one, so I'll have to go back to where I properly am and work my way to the other Irma story I saw. It's hard to keep on track, you know, with so many housemates and critters to distract me! But I don't mind: an exciting house can be quite nice, don't you know.

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