August 20th, 2014

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I'm on holiday in Virginia--we drove down Saturday--and I've been up to nothing much.

My life has plenty of News (yes, with a capital N) that unfortunately does not start with 'I got a new job', which is sad, but I don't feel like going into it because being on holiday is about escapism and relaxation.

Instead I shall put up the questions I got from the Book Meme, which I wrote up yesterday but wasn't able to post due to short and random Internet problems in the one instant I was inspired to post it. Here it is now!

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If any of you are curious about pictures and reading spots, let me know!

Today I went swimming in the ocean. I came to the conclusion (as I do every year) that the ocean is wonderful and that swimsuits are a terrible torture. My mother said, "Your suit is just uncomfortable. Don't you have any good swim-suits?" "Yes!" I exclaimed, quite exasperated. "The one I was born in!"

I am not sunburned--hooray for small miracles. Helped my brother make chicken fajitas, shocking everyone. Any other news-that-isn't-news? I think half the ocean's salt is in my hair right now. Very exciting.

Back to doing pretty much fuck-all. Goodnight!

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