May 30th, 2014

Rainbow || Make a rainbow.

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I have survived thus far!

To quote my tumblr post:

This is the most flattering picture of me that has ever existed. Why? Because I have gauze sticking out of my mouth. (Ahaha I am so sick of the gauze.)

The teddy bear is currently nameless. He's the rainbow gay!bear when-fandom-strikes won for me at a carnival because ze is the most charming mate-date around.

I am drugged and chatting at Kiwi's Keep if you want to come join me! Just faffing about on tumblr and occasionally reading Dykes to Watch Out For.

So that's Kiwi's Keep if you want to join me!

You are also welcome to join me. (: Not that you'd ever expect sense from me anyway, but especially don't expect it from me today. Not when I've got a rainbow gaybear strangling me with love.

He's decided to be useful and cover up my gauze problem for some real proof that I'm fine:

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Lesbian || Suited up.

Voyager Season 5 Watch-Through

For some reason I am choosing now to get some easy, not-mentally-taxing stuff done. Probably because I'm on a bit of a staycation at the moment!

I wanted to post my Voyager thoughts for Season 5 so I can get on to watching Season 6. Just a bunch of rambles and squees and all that since I'm not there to watch it in person with queen_of_snapes (though I do hope to manage it on video/Skype one of these days as we've planned!). kelly_chambliss, you're also welcome to a scroll down memory lane as well. (; And of course anyone else from my LJ flist who likes the show and enjoys being reminded of it!

I'm at the point now that I actually feel comfortable reading fanfic, so I've been doing that on occasion when I see my friends have written and posted it. If you have any recs please feel free to post them! I've also really been enjoying all the gifs on tumblr. Some are hilarious, some steal my breath away, some I just can't stop looking at. I'll put some down at the bottom.

Now on to my ridiculous rambles (much like my fic comments):

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That is all! Now I get to watch Season 6!

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