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Kiwi Crocus
04 January 2014 @ 06:54 pm

I have caught up on my regular flist for now. To celebrate, I'm going to post a story from one of my students. It was called "The Boring Story" but everyone in the class loved it and read it over and over. It's very short but it sums up a wonderful tale:

Once upon a time there was a prince who was mean and a girl told him not to be mean. Then he wasn't mean any more.

To date, it is one of my favourite stories from them. We have character growth and redemption, a strong and outspoken female lead (who may not even have been a princess!), and finish with a rather charming prince who clearly listens to those with good sense.

We laughed and laughed and laughed.

(This is also my way of reminding myself that even if they are absolute devils come this first week after break--as they may well be--I do quite adore my little rascals. Not being thrilled with the management doesn't put a stopper on that. Goodness knows the Hogwarts staff put up with worse through their time, and they boarded! *Shivers.*)

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Kiwi Crocus
04 January 2014 @ 08:40 pm
Catching up on my inbox, now, and two videos caught my attention. The first one made me laugh and laugh and laugh. He's got Obama's speech down all too well.

The second one delighted me. It's a teen--a new teen--talking about his education. I love the job it does of explaining why I ask questions like "What are you thinking of doing when you're an adult?" or "What are some things you'd like to do as a grown-up?" if I'm looking for vocational stuff. If I ask a child, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I am looking for their dreams and hopes; I'm not holding their answers to any pre-existing expectations. If they tell me they want to be a cloud, so be it! What makes you want to be a cloud? What is it about clouds that you'd like to have or be?

Anyway, I love talks about education, especially from those still in the midst of it, so here's one:

"Hackschooling"--I like it! In these parts we still use "unschooling" as a term for that sort of liberal, pro-explorative non-standardised education.

I would apologise for the spam but of course you can skip over anything and I'm not really sorry. ;D

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