January 1st, 2014

Hair || Red-head flip.

[. Writing List .]

Writing for the Year:

  • None.

  • Tea and Kisses | The Worst Witch Fandom | PG-13 | 1,600 | 1 bonus chapter short of finished but reads as complete | Femslash | Constance Hardbroom / Imogen Drill

  • Something Cool | National Novel Writing Month | Harry Potter Fandom Novel | NC-17 | 53,138 [this year; total 105,981] | Minerva/various women | Unfinished

  • Home Sweet Home | Harry Potter Fandom | R | 9,000 | Complete | Femslash | Pomona Sprout, Irma Pince, Minerva McGonagall

    Total: 63,728 words

Pretty abysmal, Kiwi, given your prior records. Let's get on that for this next year, hmm?

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HP || Witchly sign.

[. Book List .]

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Book List

Fanfic Batch = at least 50,000 words read, including those stories mentioned in the linked rec post (if linked).

Further reviews may be found here, as part of my Goodreads account. (I switched to using my Goodreads account for the links pretty early on, so most probably already link to my reviews there.)

Less than 52 books--and that's including the children's books I tend to read every year. I am not impressed, Kiwi, not at all. You're out of uni and haven't had a dissertation to write in two years. No excuses! Get on the writing and reading again immediately, young thing, or I'll make you sit down and read the whole 50 Shades of Grey series straight through!

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