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Kiwi Crocus
02 November 2013 @ 01:34 pm
[community profile] minerva_fest has finished posting its glorious Minerva McGonagall material (for her birthday month, of course). I am not finished reading--terribly behind, as always--but have been rec'ing along on tumblr because it's simple to do and because I have Minerva fans over there who are not on LJ. I saw that non-journal recs are not considered for hot recs and so I'll try to transfer them over here and keep them in this post.

I also realise that to this point I have rec'ed all the entries I've seen and that that's not quite the point of rec'ing, although I do find all of these quite worth the rec for the reasons I mention. Since this came out of the desire to spread some Minerva Attention to other sites of fandom--there's quite a following for her on tumblr and a few entries were reblogged--I have been happy to link to everything. (Unfortunately the tumblr lot aren't really commenters, alas, as it's quite a different platform.)

I suppose you can see which ones are meaty enough to count as recs, [profile] kellychambliss?

Connect the StarsCollapse )

The Case of the Living PortraitCollapse )

What Do You Think?Collapse )

Minerva's First OwlCollapse )

Owl and CatCollapse )

Friends and LoversCollapse )

Exotic MatterCollapse )

Off-Season 1980Collapse )

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